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Little Gods.

The little gods, spitting curses like unholy prayers
Hatred burning in their eyes, consuming like fire
Their hands forever stained with innocent blood.

Without Your Love.

Without your precious love
I’d be as empty as a drum
You’re my entire world
My stars, my moon, my sun.

Nobody Knows.

No one can tell me
Nobody knows
Where the wind comes from
Or where the wind goes

Beautiful Queen.

God’s warm breath caresses my naked neck
Below a hundred streams softly sing
Standing here upon this heavenly place
Makes me feel as mighty as a king.

Questions Of You.

What are you trying to sell
But then just give away?
What is it your dreaming of
As the night fades to day?

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Mike Zhang 17 April 2019

Hi, can you tell me what is the purpose or occasion of the white light?

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MIke Z 17 April 2019

what's the purpose of this poem?

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I am 26, happily married since 2005 and have two young children, I live in Carlisle, Cumbria, that's right up in the north of England if you were wondering! I am a aspiring poet, playwright and novelist. I hope anyone viewing my poems will enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed writing them. If anyone wishes to discuss my poetry or wants advice o ...

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