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Without your precious love
I’d be as empty as a drum
You’re my entire world
My stars, my moon, my sun.

No one can tell me
Nobody knows
Where the wind comes from
Or where the wind goes

God’s warm breath caresses my naked neck
Below a hundred streams softly sing
Standing here upon this heavenly place
Makes me feel as mighty as a king.

What are you trying to sell
But then just give away?
What is it your dreaming of
As the night fades to day?

If the greatest trick
That the devil ever played
Was to make the world
Believe the lies from his lips

The sky comes alive
With so many hues
Starbursts of scarlet
Or bright neon blues.

Is it just me or does time seem
To move faster the older you get?
It almost feels like the world is
Moving too quickly and I must

Darkness always calling
Clouds gathering
Winds blowing cold
Rains pouring

My blood-shot eyes blink away existence
Unfamiliar voices roll through my brain
Gravity’s unseen hands pull me to the earth
I find their spell far too charming to fight.

Little ones never wish
Your young lives away
Live for the here and now,
Remember today.

I used to hate the Christmas rush
With endless queues that flow out shop doors
Packed with people that push and shout
As they run around the crowded stores.

Empires are like the vast waves
Upon a never ending ocean of time
They start off humbly before rising
Out of the gloom of their origins.

As I peer through these cold iron bars
I can see the stars burning so bright
Oh yes! They burn so blindingly bright
Across the dark blue blanket of night.


Your words will never hurt me
Above them, I shall always rise
Like warm air that escapes high
Into the winter’s sun kissed skies.

The glory of old legends
Lies buried in the past
The roadside remains unseen
Where dark shadows stay cast.

...Over earth
.The winter is

From the pit of my coldness
You burn me with acid-filled glares
Like I am nothing but garbage left to go stale
Out here I have no shelter from the rain.

I can hear the pounding of the dead drummers beat
Telling me the secrets that only they can keep
From within their never-ending, dark, dreamless sleep
Lost forever in the waters, so vast and deep.

Has the ball finally fell to rest
Upon your stately, broken breast?
Has the golden trumpet lost it’s tune
Amongst the flowers all in bloom?

Running around like maniacs
Me and you the crazy pair
Chasing screaming girls with ribbons
Of red knotted in their hair.

J.A McManus Biography

I am 26, happily married since 2005 and have two young children, I live in Carlisle, Cumbria, that's right up in the north of England if you were wondering! I am a aspiring poet, playwright and novelist. I hope anyone viewing my poems will enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed writing them. If anyone wishes to discuss my poetry or wants advice on their own poems please feel free to ask any questions you may have. When I am not writing I enjoy watching films, football and documentries. I enjoy reading fantasy literature and my favourite poets are Edgar allen poe and Dylan Thomas. Thanks for your time.)

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Without Your Love.

Without your precious love
I’d be as empty as a drum
You’re my entire world
My stars, my moon, my sun.

Without your precious love
I’d be a lock without a key
You’re my entire world
My waves, my sand, my sea.

Without your precious love
I’d be as hollow as a lie
You’re my entire world
My clouds, my wind, my sky.

Without your precious love
I’d be a garden with no turf
You’re my entire world
My rain, my grass, my earth.

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Mike Zhang 17 April 2019

Hi, can you tell me what is the purpose or occasion of the white light?

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MIke Z 17 April 2019

what's the purpose of this poem?

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