Consciousness Crash Poem by Poet Dragon

Consciousness Crash

Precious life beneath this tree,
woven in layers of love shadow and light
deep and deeply down the ants are activated and...
echoes of horse hooves with the smell of hay and muck

As buddha beneath the bodhi kind,
yielding lover to demons and divine
seeking up higher and higher to cloudlight above
falling into heart and centered in the spirit within

Promised land of storytellers
beyond land promised to storytellers
Earthbone juts, trees whisper, home calls and cuts
Silence broken and digitalized into calendars, working

In the poetry of a body, breath
To the songs of a tribe, community place
Summer highlighted in stanzas--sun and salvation
Each effervescent element exhales emerging empathies

Laughter describes circles of...
Contrails, Jetstreams, roar of thunder
craven cawing crows line up in neat little rows
and chase away two raptors, sixteen black and brave adapters

Minutes are melting, sublimating
physics, culture, histories untold
at the vortices of self and ecosystem, unfold
leaving behind a splashless splash, a...consciouness crash

Poet Dragon

Poet Dragon

Pine Bluff, AR
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