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When I was a child, I thought like a child, I acted like a child and I played like a child. If I were to have become a man, I might have put childish things behind me.

When I was enlightened, I laughed at the world. Hell. I heard the world laugh right back at me.

My poems explore many themes, styles, and perspectives. I play with rhyme, meter ...

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People aren't born for what they do, but what their parents dream.
People don't grow for growing's sake, but for the future's gleam.
People don't live to one day die, they live to put off dying.
People don't work to build themselves, they work to stave off crying.


What was there left of her
after the bad men touched her?
What fragile sense of wonder shattered?

Fear Not To Love, Fear Not

I greet the burden of your soul
and wonder if your heart is whole
when one can hold it out to share
beware of love, beware.

Poetry And Prayer

When hopelessness or passion's throes ignites us,
lost emotion casts confusion everywhere.
When hatred of our flesh's prison grates us,
how much easier is forgetting that we care?

Short, Mad

Pierced by an arrow,
pierced by a phrase
Killed by a sentance,
trapped in a maze

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23 January 2015

The grass is greener where you water it.

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Kat Nomara 22 January 2008

Your poems are nice and true. I'm glad I found such a poet here.

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