Copy Written Copy Cats Poem by P.R. Prosper

Copy Written Copy Cats

Rating: 2.7

Patience for what you want and what you have will soon flourish
Laughing in the sun’s eclipse is a sign of true courage
Close your eyes, hold your breath, and run see
The importance your mind and body places on money
And the madness it brings comes down in torrents
Because everyone else believes the paper’s important
I admit it’s necessary to get by on this turf
But success hardly equals every penny you’re worth

- Copy written copy cats purring on their master’s lap

Did God create man for Her own private screening?
Or did man create God to give his life meaning?
I believe in something much greater than myself
But not because I was told to by somebody else
Something’s keeping me breathing when I wake morning
If there isn’t, well I'm only here for the moment
There’s no way out of here so I hang on to my grin
Looking out of windows I can never look in

- Copy written copy cats purring on their master’s lap

Some don’t grab the reins ‘cause they think the saddle’s high
So they wait out the boredom ‘til their formaldehyde
I don’t believe in holy books, holy water or descriptions
I’m spiritual, but have no need for canons of religions
They’re too open to the powers of whomever’s in charge
For use on the less fortunate to fight for their cause
And that’s rarely anything to do with goodwill towards men
The real criminals don’t live inside the State Penn

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