*corrupted From The Inside* Poem by Marria Attar

*corrupted From The Inside*

Rating: 2.6

Proud to be who you are?
Never hoping to change
Your infamous personality won’t take you so far
I wish for you there’s an exchange

You seriously think that being who you are
Will give you respect and dignity
You never knew that your actions leave a scar
So there goes your pretentious integrity

Lying and pretending to be someone else other than you
Shows an action of pitiful fear
I wouldn’t be surprised since betrayal is nothing new
Because from you, everything is bright and clear

I never thought that I would say this
But letting go is the best thing to do
Since your predictable character makes you bliss
I have nothing here left for you

Praying that you would soon change
Hoping for serenity to overlie your peculiar heart
Still many things about you are tremendously strange
But it’s your wanted desire to remain heartless that broke us apart.

Shielah Maeeee 15 September 2011

marria attar, may i use this poem for our english class project. I need the best poems and i'e chosen yours to be one of the best ones i could ever find in this site...pls. rely immediately, i cant use it w/o your permission...it's plagiarism you know.

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