Cosmic Converse Poem by Hannatu Pqrs

Cosmic Converse

"You cannot ever convince me
I am,
and always will be,
an atheist"

"You are not convinced,
because you've turned the glass upside down
How can you pour yourself a glass of water? "

"What do you preach? Do tell! "

Look at this pen
Have you doubt in your mind that it was made? "

"None at all"

"Look at this phone
You are certain that someone made it? "


"If I told you that it came to be by accident,
or came to be, consequent of some collision
of silicone and plastic from somewhere,
or in the case of the pen, ink and plastic
from nowhere at all, would you believe me? "

"Certainly not"

"And why is that? "

"Because it is not feasible to believe
All the ingredients mentioned must have come
from somewhere,
and someone must have put them together"

Now, think of the universe and all it contains
as something more complex than a pen or a phone,
its vastness, its style, its creatures,
its form and proportion
Think of the laws of nature; gravity
Is it not possible that it was in fact, not just a big bang;
that if there was a big explosion or collision,
then Someone preexisting must have directed it?
That the matter that came together to create
must have come from somewhere?
for anything to be said to have created itself,
it must have preexisted in the first place,
which in this case, would be illogical
Someone must have put it together
Also, that someone must have acted alone,
on their own,
without help, or a partner
They, essentially must be very unlike any of their creation"

"If you put it that way, it does make sense
Okay, so there is a Maker,
but why did He make us?
What purpose does our creation serve?
How do we know the purpose of our creation? "

"Think again,
why does a shoemaker produce shoes,
for what utility? "

"To use in protecting our feet when we walk"

"And to what end does the weaver make cloth? "

"So we protect our bodies from the elements
and screen our nakedness as well"

"Now, then, if each of these products have utility
and their producers know
the purpose their products serve,
is it not more than possible
that our maker knows the purpose of our creation? "

"It is possible…
So he does, but we don't,
so how do we know the purpose of our creation
for sure? "

"Look at your tv
When you bought it, the manufacturers included a manual,
and someone was probably sent over to set it up,
and teach you to use it
And they stayed with you till you knew how
The same for every complicated thing
Even more so in the case of the human being,
the most complex of creatures
Throughout time and among every nation
was sent a messenger
by our Maker,
to teach; to guide
For our time and the rest of time
was sent Muhammad, peace be upon him,
bearing our manual,
the Qur'an,
which tells us that the purpose of our creation,
is to submit wholeheartedly to our Creator,
in worship,
and tells us how"

"Indeed for me now, truth has come,
falsehood has varnished"

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