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And it was one of the silliest stories ever told
From beginning to end, it made no sense
It could be that trouble is already a-brewing
With or without pride and fortune


Now the end has come
But why must you depart,
When there is still space in this world
For another Kindheart?


Scout about
The length and breadth of this world
Till you find your spot, without doubt

Is it wise?
The mother-bird leaves her chicks
And flies away every morning

'Tis the beginning; 'tis the end
I am a child; a pauper
But the whole world is on my shoulder

Certainly, I've walked this path before,
on a day like today.
It was maybe around three or four,
and really sunny all the way.

Once in a while
The sound of gunshots
In the middle of the night
Remind of the existence of our Creator

Dear Africa,
I am one of your daughters;
One among a million others,
Who lives in Nigeria.

On such a night,
When it seems a zillion stars
Glitter about
And decorate the sky

When the bones begin to crack
While still within,
And the back is bent
And the skin,

Let not the raging ire
In your blood
Let loose a torrent of fire
That ends not

I do not hear the wind blowing
I hope the poor have enough to eat
Because the rain seems to be going
And there are no more mudded feet

I was married once
But it didn't last
It was a most dreadful experience
I shudder to think of the past

I have a good friend, today
Unlike the others, she vows she'll stay
Skeptic me, doesn't believe her and I only pray
That she isn't green inside and without, grey

It's cold out there,
Really cold.

And it seems as if you are standing all alone;

Like birds that travel every season
And never come back,
They go in search of reason
Why they lack.

There was once a kingdom of animals
And other things
But of all the creatures
A snake was made king

The beginning, a humble one
So much hope, so many dreams
It is so easy to dream
And hope…

It was a remarkable force
That changed my life forever
I do not know; I cannot tell whatever
I was doing; where and how it met me



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An impassive face often lit up with a smile A mind so old, like it's been around for a while Uncountable works remain unfinished in a pile Struck by wanderlust; itinerary as long as the Nile)

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And it was one of the silliest stories ever told
From beginning to end, it made no sense
It could be that trouble is already a-brewing
With or without pride and fortune
Imagine, the cat had no whiskers!
The leaves are falling off now
It didn't fit, so they had to resize
Children will forever be curious creatures
There is no use crying over spilt milk
Whatever happened to time-honoured virtues?
There is no telling how many are already in the know
Misery is now a thing of the past
There is a list of all the features
Culture provides refuge
Many have been there, but none ever came back
A doctor's life is an honourable one
It is hard to tell what is happening
For the love of art, please listen
Somehow, this mess must be unraveled
That's what partners are for
Only two threads are needed
They confess their ignorance
Many wonder at the aftermath
No two are alike in personality
Last time, an ugly calamity befell them
Like it or not, what will be, will be
Ha! That arched eyebrow…
Queue up and be handed a whip each
If trust ever existed
Then, water would certainly not cook fish!
To sing lovely songs in persuasion
Whatever gained thereof is legal
A tale as tall as Mount Everest
Lives will never be the same again
Michael Chrichton must be right:
Artlessness truly is the most difficult art
The story does make sense after all!

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'The littlest forbidden pleasure must later cause you pain.'

'Life is carefree, with hope nestled in every uncertainty, and although reality is never a constant consciousness, yet creativity comes readily and naturally too, and so, success is almost guaranteed for dreamers who aren't at all lazy'

In silence, as in speech, you reveal yourself.

'If the path be beautiful, best be skeptical where it leads.'

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Hannatu Pqrs Popularity

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