Dennis Lange

Could I Love You? - Poem by Dennis Lange

In the morning, could I love you,
Sunshine, I, upon your face?
Could I wrap my arms around you?
Give you life by my embrace?

Could I light your eyes with wonder,
Brighten and reveal the world
That your beauty might reflect there,
In a pond no stone has swirled?

In the noontime, could I love you,
Brightly beam upon your cheeks,
Like I shine upon the snow-capped,
Fir-lined breasts of mountain peaks?

Could I be the heat to warm you,
Center of your universe,
Sunlight for your every shadow,
Key and coin for your purse?

In the evening, could I love you,
Send you home with day's last light,
Warm you for the final journey,
Into God's eternal night?

All I'm asking: Could I love you
From the dawn till setting sun,
From this moment till forever?
Grant this wish, the only one.

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Poem Submitted: Friday, January 25, 2013

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