Crack Poem by Gregory H. Wlodarski


I was sitting behind the wheel of my car,
Simply driving to the store not very far.

All of a sudden I heard there a pop,
I looked for the cause below and on top.

Then I did saw it the thing it was found,
What I did hear that caused that sound.

The car in front by its tire was thrown,
A hard little rock or a piece of a stone.

Though that car drove forward fast very,
The stone flew backward actually scary.

It was thrown and flew with such a great force,
And what did it hit, my front window of course.

I looked at the injury that sad little spot.
It made a little chip but not a whole lot.

The chip it was small barely a sliver,
But if it did grow it would make me shiver.

And so it did occur and come to pass,
That little chip grew in my front window glass.

First a little chip that was hard to see,
Then a sliver a bit bigger than a pea.

Then that crack grew like a silvery snake,
A few inches in length, then six, then eight.

Now that crack shimmers from left to right
Across the window in front of my sight.

The crack in the glass grew at a fast pace,
Now I must run, to the repair man race.

Will the window fall out before a repair?
How long can I wait, how long do I dare?

But I don't worry or have any fear,
The repair man is close, very quite near.

I called on the phone and my dilemma did tell,
The repair man did say, 'a new window I'll sell'.

He said he'll come with his truck to replace,
A new window insert in the original space.

He came soon without a long waiting,
With his truck and tools, and I was elating.

He took out the old window and skillfully so,
He took out the window so cracked by the blow.

Then along the edge where the old window sat
He carefully put glue without gooping or splat.

Then he brought out a window brand new,
Placed it in its space, pressed it to the glue.

My new window is as clean as could be,
Without any mark that I could view or see.

My adventure is over, gone is my bad luck,
Unless by a new stone, my new window is struck.

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