Jordan Legaspi

Rookie (24 July 1978 / Davao City, Philippines)

+ Creation Account - Poem by Jordan Legaspi

Creation Account

It is about the wonderful accounts
In all different colors and forms
The endless quest to explain the origin
The purpose of now, here and then
And what awaits –the final destiny
That is, recorded in splendid harmony
In hundreds and thousands of them
Mystic, poet, and brilliant minds alike
Across the earth, penned what they’ve seek

…myth and legend…

Chaos; darkness; emptiness, it begins
the human attempt to explain the heavens
gods; spirits; forces –the riddle it be:
of the elemental cause of he and she
of the beautiful plants and amazing beasts
great and small, to its magnificence
the countless creation stories
of the magical breath of life
air, fire, earth, and water; a perfect craft.


Remarkable accounts across the horizon
about the beings in rigorous discipline
to honor intelligence; to praise wisdom
the who; the what, thus, all is from
tongue cannot but named: father, mother or son
and neither culture entwined: the moon or the sun
from the beginning, heaven and earth needs a deity
to start the story of what is laid in reality
the deep reflection –the record of mystery.


Across the depths of the unknown, is the birth
that if without its ‘good’, means death-
the countenance between head and heart
which is, the bridge of all the craft and art
to explain the principality of the divine
to interpret the truth about the first man and woman
and it is a life of an endless journey
either to build a name or face –the godly food
not to seek its meaning or purpose –the ultimate good.


Things: the ABC; the 123, is in constant flux
man-woman in the other hand, is unrest, is in great vex
though, different theories and principles has laid
the economy of survival, but dim to what ‘man’ has made
dig for truth, to find his long line ancestry
explore the sky, to discover his creator’s machinery
bah! What truth is, is in microscopic dichotomy
investigation and research, to mark the evolution
atoms, chemical, elements –the so on of explanation.

Human mind is the scene of many things –the idea
Of this and of that, since the dawn of the classical era
The seen and the unseen, the before and the after;
The above and the below; the here and there
But it cannot be, to unfold the absolute
The different realities concerning the claimed truth
Alas! None can portray what it means the mystery
The divine with many names and attributes:
Of a man, or of a beast, or of nothingness.

Davao City, Philippines,2010 AD

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