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The Main Street (01-2009) (/)

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The main street

To every corners of the street darkness starts to creep
The awaited hour of triumph of their restless souls
To embrace the night, the world of eternal deep
Shadow's secret -the flesh's trade, business of the fools;
Sketch the gloom, the every venture to make it known
The sons of Adam and their flight, in-search of stroke
Their endless desire to fill the chest's hollow, pawn

Penetrate the hole between them, to palpate before they mock;
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Lady Grace 08 September 2009

short time moments are rampants to some community..but...we all know that this moments are not the moments we are wishing for long term..we want nice life with our own family..we want peace wth family and friends..we dont want to have illness out of this short time moments...

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Ency Bearis 08 September 2009

a well written allegory of the old profession....and a very good advocate message you had written to those persons involved with nowadays rampant HIV and STD's.. remarkable write.....10

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Marieta Maglas 21 September 2009

It is a wonderful metaphorical and symbolistic poem at the same time.Indeed, in the absence of love, the darkness and the illusion of happiness can fill the soul. But the absence of purity generates another thrill for killing the power of love and for the madness.Thank you for sharing.10++++++++

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Joseph Poewhit 15 September 2009

Every city has it's street, such as 42nd in New York City

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Chitra - 15 September 2009

a deep metaphorical write, penned with sensitivity and sensibility.

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Catrina Heart 15 September 2009

Wow you have the guts to pen a very sensitive theme...well formed and layed...your words were powerful and rich..........10+++++++

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Deependra Kumar Jha 08 September 2009

A thought provoking write on an extremely sensitive issue! probably, it's high time to redefine our attitudes as well...

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