Bronze Star - 2,150 Points (June 23,1979 / Lapaz, Iloilo City)


Who else could unleash the most deadly and destructive force
But our God the creator as the only ultimate origin and source
A great amount of power which is infinite and also unimaginable
And upon his subjects his authority is unchallenged and unquestionable
The creator of both the darkness and the light
Including everything you see upon your sight
Before him there was nothing in the empty vastness of space
Until he created his own family and eventually the human race
At that time there was no evil therefore there was nothing good that existed
It was boredom and loneliness that drove God for humanity to be created
Life is some kind of amusement and entertainment for our wise king
By watching the rise and fall of humanity while all the angels sing
There are no devils or satan that could possibly bring him down
For evil is the activity of men who doesn't recognize the law and authority
Not some fallen angels who fought or rebelled against God the almighty
God is capable of evil in the sense or form of punishment
Unleashing his wrath and anger but only for a moment
Do you still remember Noah's ark and the great flood that took place
Somewhere in the past and taking people by the thousands without a trace
If taking lives in any manner is wicked and evil
Then God is capable of evil just like us in any level
For he would not be called the creator if he does not create
I just wish you could all see my point here and also relate
For God created a Villain so he could make you his Hero
Otherwise who would bring challenge and suspense to our journey
For a life that has no drama, action and comedy would be so lonely
God made his own opponent and enemy to play his little game
So he could choose his hero and reward him with glory and fame
If we define the word creator from the internet or dictionary
Its someone who produces, invent, creates and write a story
He created the two opposing forces as a symbol of harmony
Forces that could hit the high and hit the low like a symphony
Such forces that engage in battle and combat from time to time
Like cases of rape, murder, theft and robbery recorded as a crime
Although we despise all these wicked things that are taking place
Its existence and significance are something we cant simply erase
For these are the trials and tribulations that we were meant to solve
Even dragging mankind and the entire human race to get involve
Crimes and evil are just one of the many spices of our miserable lives
In finding all the solutions and answers where our problems thrives
That's why most movies have different ratings and category
Some are general patronage and some are parental advisory
The evil that might come to us is just a trial of how strong we are
For if we indeed overcome this then we'll definitely go very far
The strong and great men are those who survived severe tribulations
These are known to be true facts and not just some mere speculations
For if God allows Evil and Wickedness to disappear or fade
Then our meal in this savage world would no longer be made
The very meal that feeds our very own heart and soul
For all the triumphs would mean nothing but a hole
An empty hole to dig upon our very own grave
For without evil no one will no longer be brave
A Tribute to Abraham Lincoln

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