Daily Concerns

Another task along the way, I need to turn to God and pray,
Turning to my Lord in prayer, casting to God one more care,
Through the Spirit of His Son, until this task at hand is done,
Knowing that God will hear it, through His ever present Spirit.

And even with a task at hand, one in which I truly understand,
I still have God as my guide, by The Spirit, who dwells inside,
Helping in ways I cannot see, as The Spirit intercedes for me,
With groaning we cannot hear, to my Lord who’s always near.

During an everyday situation, my Lord could allow tribulation,
Turning a regular daily routine, into one overwhelming scene,
Creating a struggle of the wills, while His plan my God fulfills,
Though this struggle may increase, in The Lord, I have peace.

God’s purpose, I may not know, as He guides me where I go,
The reason trials come my way, with a certainty, I cannot say,
But as I truly seek His face, He gives His all sustaining Grace,
Grace that puts questions aside, as His Spirit helps me abide.

Through all tasks I rest assured, in the providence of my Lord,
God’s at every step of the way, through the end of every day,
Truly faithful, He’s always near, beside me with a listening ear,
As God helps me to learn, while I share with Him each concern.

(Copyright ©05/2008)