Elle Jay E..

Dakota - Poem by Elle Jay E..

A good friend.
But you're hard to read.
You're quiet.
But there when someones in need.
They dont understand you.
You know who they is too.
You just get everything blamed on you.
You wake up in the morning and know whats coming.
You walk out of your house and everyone turns away.
You stay quiet to yourself but they stare anyway.
You ignore them.
And act like you dont care.
You act like it doesnt bother you.
But I know how much it hurts too.
I remember your face when you said 'I bet they hate me too'
I wondered how you knew.
It seems like everyones against you.
But thats not fair.
They dont have the right to stare.
You're like us on the inside.
But they dont wanna look that deep.
I see the face of pain and the other side of grief.
You act like nothing phases you.
And they act like you dont have feelings too.
They dont know what you've been through.
They act like theirs no excuse for you.
Like you have to be perfect too.
But its not your fault you were born into that family
In a place with cold stares and drugs.
Where loves nothing but a bottle of rum.
You probably thought that was normal.
That it was o kay and cool.
But now facing reality they're making you look cruel.
They're all scared of you.
But theirs no reason to fear.
If only they knew the real you.
They would understand too.
Ive tried to make you smile but you have a face of stone.
From years of practice you have the eyes of a snake.
But you wont strike
Or even slither, you wont even hiss you back down fast.
You know whats good for you.
But you'd fight if you had to.
You cant say much or else you get in trouble.
You have to stay quiet.
With all the secrets in your head, I would try to drink it away too.
With those rules you have to improvise.
You twist them till they're disproportioned.
But you always keep your promises.
And never lie at all.
They dont get your loyalty.
Thats the problem they have with you.
None of them can be as real as you.

Poet's Notes about The Poem

I watched this happen to someone I knew everyday. It bothered me the way he would get blamed for everything. But if you knew him. You understood him and his reasoning. But people wouldnt see that, they would ignore it, they just saw what they wanted to see.

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