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Gun Violence

Watch the news.
But I want to snooze.
Hear the violence.
I want silence.
And I cant sleep.
Hearing another peep.
Outta a person that.
Got shot again.
Another is stabbed.
Got caught again.
Another was jabbed.
Hear the news.
Speak it.
I dont wanna repeat it.
I dont even wanna dream it.
Its in my worst nightmare.
With not a note to spare.
Talking bout gun violence.
Wanna end it with silence.
But that walk wont do no good.
They're all dissed and misunderstood.
They dont care if you're protesting.
Trying to understand whats on dressing.
With grammar of a country heart.
But acts city like a street smart.
They wont hesiatate to pop that gun in your direction.
No matter how many cops are on session.
They're lives were drained a while ago.
They got no where else to go.
Just remember I dont like Gun Violence.

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