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* Daraac's Whispers - Poem by Inner Whispers

As the mortal walks into the woods,
hunting a wild boar that leap rapidly in every trees' hoods,
beyond bushes of the forest, his vision and instinct
are like that of a preying eagle-aims and readied, so sharp and distinct.

Focus...Bang! ! !
A gunshot filled the air!

And the mortal is sure
he hasn't trigger yet the pull,
Where that shot came from
that made him stop in his aiming form?

HUnters! He knew it!

Then he heard the rushing of nature's living creatures,
running and looking for safety that have been disturbed by these vultures,
He need to find these hunters and must be sued
for hunting without permission, they should!

The mortal follow the lead
where flying birds came from in herd,
There he knows where the hunters fled
in his pursuit, a soft whisper or better say a cry is heard...

He followed the whisper until he saw a red, frightened deer
came closer but not too close, he knows he can't touch the deer,
he will scare her and the mortal talks with her
he said, 'Run that way, it's safe, they may not see yOu there.'

But the red deer stood infront of the mortal and tried to communicate...

The red deer looked intently to the mortal's eyes and say,
'I am Daraac. I don't know where I will stay'...
The mortal replied, 'Stay behind me, I'll protect yOu.'
so the red deer stayed with the mortal, with hesitation though....

And the mortal saw that the red deer has wounds
he tried to give the red deer a first aid as fast as he could...
Until, that wild deer is tamed and recovered
loved by the mortal and cared.

And so, the red deer move slowly
showed herself to the mortal, kissed him and say,
'If I am tne NYMPH and yOu are the MORTAL
can we lOve till the end until we reach the portal? '.

Hmn...great heart and great lOve!

AFter the kiss, the red deer suddenly turned out into a NYMPH!
One most amazing and beautiful nymph!
And as their eyes met,
they fell in lOve, in deep lOve and together they melt...

(dedicated to Daraac, a creature who still roams in the wild!)

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