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Inner Whispers Poems

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16. How Shall We Find Love? It Is Ours In The Instant When We Give It Away 1/24/2009
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19. Future Of Sunrise And Sunset 1/24/2009
20. Frozen Intense 1/24/2009
21. The Red Ant`s League 1/24/2009
22. Dawn Of Urge 1/24/2009
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32. The Many? ? ? ? At My Last Blog... 1/25/2009
33. Chanting Rhythm Of Silence... 1/25/2009
34. Pagsuyo Ng Puso 1/25/2009
35. It's No Longer A Dream...Until... 1/24/2009
36. Into Nature`s Wilderness... 1/24/2009
37. Fever..In Night White Satin... 1/24/2009
38. I Couldn'T Stay Awake...Just To Keep Missin` You... 1/24/2009
39. Inner Longings...Of Inner Depths... 1/24/2009
40. Let It Bee...Hmn? Follow The Stream Of The Circle... 1/24/2009
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! ! T A N I K A L A

Walang laya niya'ng ginugol ang kahapong pait ang hatol
Tanikala'ng nag-uugnay sa kabiyak ng kaluluwa ay naputol,
Huminto sa pagtakbo, ngatal na napaluhod, humagulgol
Ano ba'ng dusa ito, tanikala'ng ginamit, bakit kinalawang at napurol?

Kinaladkad ang tanikala, pilit kumawala
Subalit hindi mawari, bakit nakakabit, ang hirap lumaya,
Hinubad na ang lahat, iniwan pati ang pag-asa'ng ligaya
Ngunit sa tanikala'ng nakakabit ay sadya'ng mahirap ang paglaya.

Pilit iniiwas ang sarili, hinayaang tanikala'y kumapit
Hinayaang maramdaman ang hapdi ng hapit, sa kanya'y...

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Torn...Moved By...

(Wednesday, July 30,2008 * dedicated to Tatay...)

Have you ever met a man or having a man,
Wherein you can even give yourself's happiness with?
That in every sunrise of your life,
YoU will seek of everything just to give to that man?
That all your effort and exerted sweat is worth for?

Have you been into situation,

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