Dare To Dream Poem by Abhisumat Singh

Dare To Dream

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Hold fast to dreams,
for if dreams die,
life is a broken winged bird,
That can't fly.

Hold fast to dreams,
for when dreams go,
life is a barren field big,
Frozen with a ton snow.

To Dare to Dream, Dare i till the end;
they are all yours and yours, alone to attend.
Work on them, no matter what people say;
for I'm sure, shooting-stars will always find their way.

The road might be dry, with thorns all over;
but, when were roses, without thorns ever.
Always dream to be, a cut above the best;
and remember even things can make a nest.

Dare To Dream
Thursday, October 1, 2015
Topic(s) of this poem: dream
K.Srinivas 06 May 2022

Dreams are come true

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Gadde madhusudan 07 May 2022

Smart work is fine but hard work is key to success

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Devalaxmi 07 May 2022

Very good poem

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V.jagannatham 08 May 2022

Dare to dream care to achieve

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Madhu sudhan 08 May 2022

Good poem

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Suresh kumar byroju 18 May 2022

Nice poem

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J John 16 May 2022

Get your desires in colours finally get your rainbow in your life

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M yashod 16 May 2022

Dream are most important to life

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M.ganedh 13 May 2022

Good porm

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P.Bhaskarreddy 13 May 2022

Wonderful poem

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