Abhisumat Singh Poems

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Air Pollution

What is air pollution?
book defines as contamination of gases;
But is the definition this much only,
or you think there's some more, yes there is!

An Addiction Poem - Drugs

Till day I blindly followed them all,
Till day I couldn't comprehend;
And now when I'm going to fall,
I see no way to make an amend.

Acid Attacks

What are acid attacks? What are they?
a matter of concern, or something to play.

I wonder what, can be the cause;

Writes For Thou, The Swain Of Thine

Oh Beloved! Thy memories, so mulct and intact,
Not battles million, shall tarnish these;
Thy smile, a dazzling and priceless artefact,
Not bought by riches, but, brought by love's ease.

And I Fell For Her....

She descends down the ruined stairs
of the moon, and into a lake she vanishes,
increasing its beauty and sowing in love.

Democracy.... What Is It?

Democracy is a form of government,
where everyone respects everyone's sentiments.

Democracy is a feature,

Dare To Dream

Hold fast to dreams,
for if dreams die,
life is a broken winged bird,
That can't fly.

Life - What Is It?

Life is a song,
be Lata Mangeshkar and sing it.
Life is a cricket match,
be Tendulkar and win it.

Love - What Is True Love?

Lil Tom, was wandering around;
with his friend, and a greyhound.

His friend June, to him did ask;

The Farmaan - An Ode To Mother

You're with me when I dance,
And with me when I tremble;
So I've made a tiny attempt,
A little try in order to assemble….

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