Abhisumat Singh

Freshman - 715 Points [Megatronus] (20 August 2001 / New Delhi)

Abhisumat Singh Poems

1. My Father 10/1/2015
2. My Love 10/3/2015
3. The Journey 10/3/2015
4. Acid Attacks 10/11/2015
5. What's A Political Good Job 10/11/2015
6. Society - What It Takes To Be A Thinker? 10/11/2015
7. Air Pollution 10/11/2015
8. Shouts My Delhi! 4/10/2016
9. How Doth She Stimulate Thy Senses? 4/17/2016
10. Survivor Power 4/26/2016
11. A Spell Cast So Deep 5/6/2016
12. The Silenced Statue Spoke 5/8/2016
13. And I Fell For Her.... 8/10/2016
14. Independence Struggle Of India 8/14/2016
15. Writes For Thou, The Swain Of Thine 8/22/2016
16. An Addiction Poem - Drugs 11/18/2016
17. Dare To Dream 10/1/2015
18. Democracy.... What Is It? 10/1/2015
19. Life - What Is It? 10/1/2015
20. The Women 4/23/2017
21. Love - What Is True Love? 4/10/2016
22. Mother 10/3/2015
Best Poem of Abhisumat Singh


It has happened now,
after facing so many hardships in life,
that my life has attained stability.

Today, I have all worldly pleasures,
that I didn't even think I ever had deserved;
For they could just be a part of my dreams.

Still, after possessing eternal strength, ubiquitous riches,
why do I find myself poorer that the poor,
weaker than the weakest,
and lonely than the loneliest.

And when I hunted for the reason in the past,
it suddenly struck me,
'I don't have you with me'.

You; who was always there,
as a backbone of my ...

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The Journey

No matter how much you harm my form,
I continue to flow without any complains.

No matter how much you try to overlook me,
I continue with my sounds and remain there.

No matter how many obstructions you put to
my path, I divert and move on.

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