Dare To Open My Book.

Let me tell you a little story about a girl perfect to be,
A girl with nothing wrong that anyone could see,
This story so sad it's heart breaking to read,
Let take it step by step I'll be in the lead,
Her world seems nothing but a dream,
From her eyes its a nightmare frightful enough to scream,
So tell me dare to open my book so dark and cold,
I'll keep telling the story its something that must be told,
Everything started by one little tiny fight,
The days after that nothing seemed right,
From a mom and dad breaking apart,
To four litttle kids with only their mom having to restart
Soon their dad moved far away,
Through out the years a dad would never stay,
Moving around never staying in one place,
Life for them moved so fast, to keep up they had to race,
Okay lets stop for a little bit and take a break,
There's so much hidden because it would keep you awake,
Dare to open my book and read a story of five,
Who has been through hell and still came out alive,
This family of five have seen it all and more,
Four little kids hearing mommy was drug out a door,
With bats and pans waiting up late at night,
No one was going to hurt them, everything was going to be alright,
Soon they has a new family, one not so bad,
Two step brothers and for once a dad,
Life wasn't so bad for once, but nothing ever lasted for long,
They perfect family didn't last, something just went wrong,
Their mom and step dad started to fight and yell,
The four of us knew what was next we could just tell,
Back to packing we were up and moving once again somewhere new,
At frist we didn't know were or with who,
Soon back in the state where we were born in a new place,
Unpacking, painting, having new friends with a smile on our face,
Everything was normal, everything was working fine,
it seemed like eveything was falling into line,
When we started to think we had it all,
That's when everything happened and something let us fall,
Going back to Florida, none of us four wanted to do,
Staying long wouldn't happen we all knew,
Sooner or later mom was packing and we came back,
Going to court, the school didn't like us so we had to pack,
Our dad started to play a role in our life,
Yes he cared, but sometimes it was because he wanted mom as his wife,
Back and forth is a game we played quit well,
Our world spun faster than most if you can't tell,
If only us five someone would have had a hand to lend,
The stories not over but for now will leave this as the end.
Monday, October 20, 2008

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