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Dark Is The Night - Poem by John Hess

Standing alone here, here in the night;
Wondering what's happened, what is my blight?
My nightmares of late, torment me so;
Waiting ever patiently, for my eyes to close.

My marriage now ending, and fading fast;
My mind races franticly to hold on to the past.
For the woman I loved, still love to this day;
Made up her mind, and there's nothing I can say.

Saint I am not and problems we've had;
But I always thought nothing, nothing so bad.
Pushed her away, for so many years;
Due to my stubbornness, now there are tears.

So I stand here alone and dark is the night;
Afraid to sleep now, for fear of the fight.
The voices they call and try as I might;
Their words echo deep, far into the night.

'Let her go, ' is their calling, deep in my mind;
'Let her go, ' they persist, how was I so blind.
The pain of it all cuts deep like a knife;
'Why stick around to this miserable life? '

A place my dreams was full of comfort for me;
Knowing you close gave reason to dream.
A place my dreams now full of despair;
Filled with voices of sorrow, I no longer can bear.

So the nightmares play games inside my head;
I hear my daughter calling from her room in bed.
And as I hurry to her, half awake from sleep;
I find I'm not home and I begin to weep.

Then the calling of my son, causes me to turn;
Again I find nothing, and my eyes start to burn.
The nightmares not over for before me I see;
My beautiful wife, she no longer loves me.

'Let her go, ' they sing, 'your pain will end';
But I love you still, how can I bend?
'Let her go, ' they demand, 'you are not the one';
But to do so means the loss of daughter and son.

My dreams are fading like a dying fire;
'Let her go, ' the voices rage, all in choir!
My memories of you flood me day and night;
'Let her go, ' the voices cry, how do I fight!

'Let her go, ' they say, 'the pain will end';
'But to hold on as you do, it's only pretend.'
Alone I now stand and dark is the night;
Hearing the voices now calling, who will win this fight?

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October 2012

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