Josephe Buchanan

Rookie (09-29-1979 / New York)

'Darkness With Darkness' *the Key To All Mysteries* - Poem by Josephe Buchanan

How can we use science and spirituality together, has been the supreme
obstacle for me. You see friends I grew up going to church. This was
both beautiful and mystical. It took me years to understand the mass,
and partaking in the body and blood of Jesus Christ. Church saved my
family. For God was introduced at a young age. My quest for knowledge
took me all over the world. I studied Sumerian text, Egyptian text,
Native Indian text, Chinese text, Japanese text, Christian text, and
Indian text. These great works gave me a deeper sense of fulfillment. I
was able to go on a systematic process of understanding my soul. I
believe we are living souls, and the body is the master vehicle. To be
spiritual in my opinion is making a connection with the spirit.
Searching for your true self. The human being is the most complex source
of life. We can use are great minds, to unlock all of our own inner
quantum energy. Just look at the atom. You can break one of the human
atoms down. The more you strip an atom, the more energy you can create.
Making a connection with your spirit is like tapping into this energy.
We are a great source of energy and life. I see that if man do not make
a personal connection with this spirit, then they cannot nurture and
harness their true power. Let us look at prayer. Prayer is a sacred way
to communicate with the creator. It is a true form of meditation. Prayer
gives us a chance to talk to the true source. Prayer is most effective
when said behind closed doors, and in private. Like Jesus Christ said,
'speak from the heart and God will surely hear you.' In addition to
prayer, you can sing decrees, mantras, and you can testify. Decrees are
commands to God. 'Ask and you shall receive, seek and ye shall find. '
You can command things form the creator. The creator loves
unconditionally and gives up what we ask for. It is about faith, in
yourself, and the spirit that dwells within. I love the soul. I love the
spirit body. I am multidimensional. We all exist on different
dimensions, planes, levels, or strata. This means that we exist on the
mental plane, spiritual plane, physic plane, and in the plane of dreams.
We have a heavenly body, light body, spirit body, and physical body. To
Eastern philosophies, these bodies are called 'Chakram.' Chakras are
defined as 'wheels.' We have seven main Chakras from the crown of our
head, to the root of our sexual energy. We have the reoccurring theme of
energy. Meditation is a very essential part of the spiritual journey.
Meditation is the key to connecting with your spirit, your different
energy centers, and bodies. This is the key to darkness. Like the Tao Te
Ching 'Way to the Way, ' it states that darkness within darkness is the
key to all mysteries. This is the truth. The inner light and spirit come
from the inner darkness. I like to remind people everyday that we a
living part of the universe, floating in the middle of space. I have
reminded myself of this everyday. In sociology there is a term called
the 'social construction of reality.' This means that society creates
reality by assuming its roles. E.g., School only becomes school when
teachers and students come together. In reality, it is just a whole
bunch of people inside of a building. Through this social construction,
we are encapsulated in our day-to-day activities. We start to think, I
am home, and I am in New York. We slowly loose a connection with our
true surroundings, the stars, sky, space, and the galactic universe. The
universe is roughly 90% dark matter. This dark matter is believed to be
the building block of life, that makes everything. When God created the
Sun the Sun was finite, and only able to light up a limited part its own
galaxy or solar system. Pluto is the furthest from the Sun and that is
why it is frozen. God made the light but was dwelling in the darkness
first. The dark matter of space, I like to believe is the dark matter
inside of us. That inner link to the source. The link to the creator.
Humans have no light inside of our bodies. That is why we are able to
see light. Light is actually bouncing off us. We have the greater light
and the lesser. The greater light is the Sun. The lesser light is the
light of man. The light that was mention in the gospel of John. To reach
this true inner light, we must go into the darkness. Meditation is the
key to the darkness. I like to compare the human body to the dark room.
The light and dark theory is like developing a picture. The film has to
be in total darkness, to create the image. Just like the dark room, the
healing light of the spirit has to be in its dark room. The body. Calm
the mind; regulate breathing, focus on the darkness. Eyes shut, and a
soft smile, with a soft prayer and time, can bring that inner light, and
spirit to life. The darkness of space and the darkness within have an
effect on the body. It regulates sleep by activating the pineal gland.
The pineal glad regulates our sleep patterns, and our ability to dream
through our rapid eye movement. How can we use science and spirituality
together, has been the supreme obstacle for me. I realize that it is not
enough to say that meditation, can transform. I had to find away to
prove this. So I will attempt to show you how meditating for prolong
states in darkness can transform ones awareness and spirituality. Their
is a physical part of spirituality, were the body and mind can release
certain chemicals when in certain states. Ok. It all boils down to the
Pineal glad. To the spiritual community it is know as the Third Eye. The
pineal gland lies at the front center of your brain, right in the middle
of your eyes. It is the only part of you brain that does not have a
counterpart. This part of your brain regulates your dreams, when you
feel tired, and how you will sleep. According to the French optometrist
and philosopher 'Rene Descartes, ' the pineal gland is the point of the
body where the body and soul are conjoined. This theory is called
'Cartesian Dualism.' Descartes believes that the body and soul become
one through the pineal gland. 'The pineal gland connects us to the
Universal Energy and Universal Chi. From the hypothalamus gland, we
project our soul or spirit upwards, and receive the descending Universal
Ener gy and Universal chi. The pituitary gland receives the Cosmic
Force, used to launch the spirit bodies into the earthly or human plane
for traveling.' While studying Taoism and the art of meditation I came
across the world's foremost master of Chinese internal arts, alchemy,
Qi Gong, and Taoism, 'Mantak Chia.' Mantak Chia teaches advance
meditation, and healing by using the body, and mind, to transform ones
entire being. Mr. Chia has a darkroom retreat were the practitioner
would live in total darkness for about 2 to 3 weeks, and this would
awaken the light body. This is a compact way of unlocking your true
light. Meditation focuses on calming the mind, and sharpening your
awareness. Many masters that work towards enlightenment, attain bliss,
and heaven. They all used meditation and prayer as a vehicle to touch
God. When the human being expose themselves to long states of darkness,
the body produces super conductive chemicals that can awaken your inner
light, and open your mind. What happens when the body is exposed to
prolong darkness? According to students from a real dark room retreat
here are the results. 'Melatonin, a regulatory hormone, quiets the body
and mind in preparation for the finer and subtler realities of higher
consciousness (Days 1 to 3) . Pinoline, affecting the neuro-transmitters
of the brain, permits visions and dream-states to emerge in our
conscious awareness (Days 3 to 5) . Eventually, the brain synthesizes the
'spirit molecules' 5-methoxy-dimethyltryptamine (5-MeO-DMT) and
dimethyltryptamine (DMT) , f acilitating the transcendental experiences
of universal love and compassion (Days 6 to 12) '. This superconductive
molecule, can shock the nervous system, and activate an inner light, and
peace, that puts people is a euphoric, spiritual, state of well being.
This is the inner light and the spirit. What Buddha called the
'enlightenment.' Now I am not an expert, but this is just the
information, I came across, on my journey. You can always research to
the above names to get more information. Look at meditation as a
physical process, applied to a spiritual exercise. Now I want to talk
about a spirit guild. If you do not have a spirit guild that you trust,
like Jesus, Buddha, Allah, or God, for example, you can open yourself up
to the universe, and unwanted beings can enter you. The goal is to use
meditation as an advance extended form of prayer. Remember this is all
devotion, awareness, and exercise. As you melt away in your inner
darkness, surrounded by dark matter of space, you become darkness within
darkness, 'the key to all mysteries.' Purification is important. Water
purification or ablution rituals can cleanse you chakras, and balance
you energy. 'Think of being baptized.' Fire purification is good because
fire cleanses the soul, and the inner light. This wisdom is from the
many African tribes, and Native Indians who danced around the fire, and
transformed themselves, while communication with the ancestors and Gods.
Exercising is very important for the spiritual journey. I tell people
work fast, effective, and do not go crazy. A little bit here and
there adds up. Diet. A diet high in fish, fruit, and vegetables, I would
be perfect. Antioxidants and proteins, with little to no starch, will
help get you feeling, young, looking young, and can potentially prevent
cancer. Back to the darkness. Lucifer is the mourning star, the light
bearer. Look at the name Lucifer. It looks like lucent, which means to
give of light; luminous. What does the light do? It blinds you. So
inorder to find the true light of God, you have to go into the darkness.
This is why we have to be careful how we perceive words. When you look
at the dictionary darkness and the color black carries many negative
connotations.You look at light, and the color white and you can see it is
carries many positive connotations. To the truth seeker, we must look
further. God made the light, and 90% of the living universe is dark
matter. From the darkness and void came the light. Light causes chaos,
and chaos causes confusion. The only true light that can never die is
the inner light. It is our job to awaken it with a spirit guild and
savior like Jesus Christ for example.We all have different religions and
cultures. We also have the same spirit. These are basic instructions on
how to improve the spirit, and get closer to God. I bet that 90% of the
readers who read this never sat down and meditated for two hrs straight.
The beauty is that two hours of your own inner darkness can awaken
latent powers, peace, and light. Remember this i s not trivial
information. This is truth. From the pineal gland, and its chemical
processes, we can enter a new world whether we are sleeping or awake.
Imagine seeing a dream while you are wide-awake, in which you can
control, and be conscious of it. This is the darkness within darkness.
The key to all mysteries. How can we use science and spirituality
together, has been the supreme obstacle for me. As I walk you through my
insight and facts, I hope you can see. It does not matter what religion
or culture you have. It is about the quality of your prayers, and your
spiritual awareness. Just remember you are in the middle of space. You
are a living part of the universe. We are made up of dark matter, and
spirit. Think of the possibilities if each and everyone of us were to
transform our inner darkness into heavenly light? Like Jesus
transfigures, so can we. This message is for everyone who is lost, or
need a change, or ever ask the question of darkness. Remember that you
are pure energy, and we are all spiritual living souls. Hopefully we can
find the inner truth and history; for darkness within darkness is the
key to all mysteries.

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