Dashaun (Version #2) Poem by Stronghold IP

Dashaun (Version #2)

Dashaun, dear Dashaun,
A name so strong and bold,
A soulful sound, a melodic tune,
That never will grow old.
Four thousand, five hundred,
And fifteen words I write,
A poem filled with creativity,
For you, my guiding light.
Through each stanza I weave,
Your story, your journey,
With words that dance and sing,
In a symphony of harmony.
Your life, an open book,
With pages yet to fill,
But every word, every line,
Is etched with a purpose, with a will.
You are the son of the sun,
With a heart that shines so bright,
And with your courage and strength,
You continue to fight.
For every dream that you chase,
And every hurdle you face,
You never back down,
With grace and style and grace.
Through the ups and downs,
You stand tall and true,
A beacon of hope,
For all that you pursue.
Your spirit, unbreakable,
Your determination, unshakable,
You rise above the storms,
And emerge as a victor unbeatable.
With each passing day,
You inspire and inspire,
An endless well of creativity,
That never seems to tire.
Dashaun, dear Dashaun,
This poem is my tribute,
To your incredible spirit,
And your heart, so resolute.
Four thousand, five hundred,
And fifteen words may not be enough,
To capture the essence of your being,
But my love for you, it will always be enough.
So I'll end this poem,
As the words come to an end,
But know that your story,
Will forever shine, my friend.
Dashaun, dear Dashaun,
A name that will forever ring,
A source of inspiration,
And to have you in my life, I sing.

Authorship by Dr. Dashaun Snipes
©️ Dr. Dashaun Snipes
®️ Dashaun

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