gary Sansom

Day Of The Triffids - Poem by gary Sansom

Have you seen,
what's been shown on the telly.
It's on the news,
and it's in the air.

I know the picture quality,
is like Verdigris,
growing off the wainscotting,

Just to say its so,
for the sake of you know.

You know there's someone,
someone out there,
who quite conceivably,
loves you quite more,
than one should ever aught to.

And, what is your point of view,
when some people insert their secreting organs,
into small dead children,
little defenseless animals,
and abused lonely women.

Somehow, amongst all this,
there's these plant like creatures
that stalk our very streets.
Right now as you speak.
yet we seem somewhat blind,
as if not to notice the sight of its reek.

Could it be just maybe,
rather than the neanderthal,
man is the cromagnan
effing and blinding to all things ephemeral.

I have no idea what time it feels right now,
especially when your looking sideways.
THey'll always mispell numbers for numb birds,
to formulate sentences out of disorders,

As if im your kind of idiot,
the type who converges on daytime television shows,
and conspirators of the highest orders.

If anything i know this,
some people insert their secreting organs,
into small dead children,
little defenseless animals,
and abused lonely women.

I suppose to somewhat compose.
as over and over it goes,
to so comprehend
these plant like creatures,
that stalk our very streets.


There's a basement I found,
And, maybe we can stay a while.
I think I had it just then,
but i can't remember just now.

Why are you laughing,
When it reeks,
of those inbred like beings you speak.
- - not abide by community standards - -

What did you just whisper into my ear.
I'm definately not like that.
Amongst the oh noes,
and what i think are what I knoes.
you want to plant puppies and breed potatoes.

Well I know this.
keep quiet!

Theres a noise of unusual nuance outside.
The ubuiqutous nature of the universe,
is right now devoid in this encompassing inside.
A mere aquantance of all that is great,
in this infinitesmal divide.

Maybe it wouldn't be a good idea,
to abide by what you're somehow so convinced is true.
Simply because no one out there loves you,
more than I could ever care to.

Topic(s) of this poem: marriage

Form: ABC

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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, January 20, 2016

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