Days To Come

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This day is the Day of Grace, a time all men can seek the face,
The face of the Lord above, to embrace God’s Awesome Love,
Love He displayed in His Son, who came to earth for everyone,
Every man, woman and nation, to bring to them, His Salvation,
Salvation offered to all today, in Christ, The Truth and The Way.

The Day of Christ is next for us, who in Christ, place their trust,
When He comes for all of those, who believe in Him, who rose,
To meet us up in the clouds, with many other Heavenly crowds,
When He raptures all His own, to take us to our Heavenly home,
Where we’ll be forevermore, with the Father and Christ our Lord.

And then the Day of The Lord; when The Lord’s wrath is poured,
Down on all unrighteousness, destroyed by His Righteousness,
Falling under His righteous wrath; those who chose an evil path,
They’ll see God’s stern reproof, for dismissing God’s only Truth,
As the coming of Christ alone, displays the power of His Throne.

And finally, the Day of God, will change forever this earthly sod,
As a new Heaven and new earth, is established, of eternal worth,
Purged forever shall be all sin, as Eternity, by God is ushered in,
Making all as He intended it to be, not for a time, but for eternity,
And for you to enjoy this place, believe now in the Day of Grace.

(Copyright ©01/2008)