D-Day Anniversary Remembrance Day Poem by David Boyce

D-Day Anniversary Remembrance Day

D-Day Anniversary Remembrance Day

The wind blows hard,
The clouds are grey,
But we stand to remember,
Those lost today.

For those lost in the air,
We salute the sky,
With a fond memory,
And a teary eye.

For those lost in battle,
And died in tanks,
We salute you all,
And send our thanks.

For those who lost their lives on foot,
And died at someone else's hand,
We salute you all,
Together today we stand.

For those who lost their lives at sea,
Whose bodies were not retrieved,
We stand and salute you as well,
Because you gave your own life for me.

For those all lost in wars gone by,
So many tears today still cried,
So 6th of June we stand and pray,
They gave for us to have our today's.

Written by David Boyce
6th June 2024


D-Day Anniversary Remembrance Day
David Boyce

David Boyce

South Wales, United Kingdom
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