Dead Inside Poem by Jordan Antrim

Dead Inside

The pain inside one is not suppose to grow
to the point I feel it inside and I know
that no matter what I do it will continue to flow
letting me know that I can no longer truely show
how I feel about this Woman because it will
kill our friendship which I have worked so hard to till.
So no matter how I feel
I cannot break the seal
on my pain.

So I cry because I know
I am dieing inside throwing
up a smile
but after awhile
it becomes a scar
that makes you feel far
from what you really want
because everytime you see her it taunts
teasing your heart
until the point where it eventually falls apart.

You want her happy no matter how you feel
even though it presses the seal
each and everytime your around her.
You feel it sear
creating fear
that you might slip
which would cause you to trip
falling in the pool of misery
that grows inside of me
because you find it to hard to see
that the plea
you make only hurts
knowing you have nothing to gain
which causes the tears to come down like rain
on a plain of sadness
which in the madness
of it all you can't help but fall to your knee's
and finally see
that no matter what you do
you were the fool
who let her go.
So now you know how pain can flow
in a river of tears evaporating into fear
that you have lost her love forever
never forgiving yourself for your mistake
you break
under the pressure until you take
that last step into the darkness
accepting the fate
that only you could create.

Kayla Sue 27 August 2006

its sad... its good... i feel your pain... its not your fault. to speak the truth. she buries herself into a hole that only she can get herself out of. so stop blaming yourself before i come knock sense into you. <33

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