Dear Daddy (Part 2 Of Dear Mommy) Poem by Nora Eason

Dear Daddy (Part 2 Of Dear Mommy)

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Your setting there in your chair right now,
With letter in hand, wondering who might have sent it to you.
You just might be surprised to find out who it is,
Just keep on reading, and you'll soon find out, who and what this letter is all about. Whatever you do, don't throw it away,
You can at least read it through, you owe me that much anyway.
You worked at a big office building in another town, with a nice job.
You have rugged good looks, and you consider yourself to be God's gift to women, (Yeah, Gag Gift) .
You didn't let it bother you being turned down by most of the women in the office,
Because there was still one Beauty you hadn't even asked out yet,
and who wasn't warned to stay away from you.
You did not want to ask her out without first knowing her name,
You've been there done that, and you didn't want to do that again.
So you left it alone, and as your friend Roger, put it, one night,
Let nature take it's course.
What a joke.(Let nature take it's course) , Yeah, right!
Your so full of yourself, its not even funny.
Do you honestly think by dating a lot of Women, proves your a real man?
The way I see it, Is that the only thing you have managed to prove
to the ladies working here, is how Big of a jerk you are, and that you don't have any sense.
Are you confused yet, Daddy? Yes, You read that correctly, (Daddy) .
Haven't you figured out who sent the letter?
Are you that brain dead, or, do you just find it hard to think with two parts of your body? Sorry about that, I had to throw that in.
Well anyway, You would come in to work everyday, hoping to see her,
and to walk past her, so you could smell her perfume.
Has that jogged your memory any? No!
Well, Okay then! Do you remember the day you forgot to pack yourself a lunch, and you were standing at the vending machine, it was on a Tuesday, you had just come back from a two week vacation.
You should have stayed away, but no you had to come back, You Idiot.
And while you were on vacation, you decided you would go over to her desk and introduce yourself to her.
I bet your scrumming in your seat now, as the memories of that
Tuesday morning comes flooding back.
You remember that Beauty, as you called her, When she walked up
to you and introduced herself, and you learned her name was Carrie, It surprised you so much that you, almost dropped the drink you had in your hand. You could not believe your luck.
You told her your name, and after that first meeting,
You and she talked everyday. The two of you talked whenever you had the chance, before work, at lunch, then for a few minutes after work before going home.
Did you know that you took so long to ask her out, that she began to think you never would? And when you did finally ask her out,
She was so happy, she was beside herself.
Daddy, The Beauty that introduced herself to you that Tuesday morning,
Is My Mommy, Yes I said My Mommy.
You made her think you were falling in love with her.
I have news for you Carrie was in love with you.
We both know what you really wanted from her,
and unfortunely, she ended up giving you her innocents, and
she'll never get that back.
You really should have left her well enough alone.
With all the emotional and physical pain you put her through.
You made her think you were a good man, you said everything
she wanted to hear, and what you wanted her to hear.
You used My Mommy for your own pleasure. You even told her you
loved her just to get her into your bed, you didn't mean a word you
said. How can you live with yourself? You, Jerk!
You remember the day she came to you, and told you she was pregnant? And do you remember what happened afterwards?
You had a fit, calling her bad names, and accusing her of cheating
and telling her that the baby (which is me) . She was carrying was
not yours, when you knew good and well, I was your's.
I think you were a coward to quit your job and leave town the you did.
Is it because you were feeling quilty, are were you just afraid of what My Mommy's, family and friends would do to you if they ever got their hands on you, are is that what you do, love'em and leave'em?
Boy, I hope you don't hurt the wrong woman next time, because if you do, you might end up waking up one morning and finding you've
lost something.....WELL let's just say your name is John, and leave at that.
A real man wouldn't do what you did;
A real man will not walk out on the woman that is carrying his child.
A real man doesn't accuce the woman he supposedly loves, of
carrying another man's baby.
A real man takes care of his responsibilities, he doesn't take money
out of his wallet, throws it in her face, and tells her to get rid of it.
I wasn't an it Daddy, I was a baby, Your Baby Girl!
You should be happy to know that Mommy took the money, you threw at her, and had me murdered, (Yes, Murdered) .
Just because it's legal in man's eyes, does not mean its not murder.Isn't that what it's called when someone kills another person?
Don't think I'm just angry at you, I'm angry with both, you and Mommy,
Because you two chose to have sex without protection or being
married, the two of you weren't the one's that was punished.
I was the one to pay the price for your mistakes,
I was the one that Mean Doctor killed when he took me out of My Mommy, before I was ready to come out.
It was My tiny heart that stopped beating, and it was My tiny little body that was broken in pieces like a fragile porcelain Doll.
Tell ME Daddy, What part of that is FAIR?
Daddy! Oh, Daddy! Why Did You And Mommy Sentence Me To Death,
Before I Even Took My First Breath?

PS. I Love You Anyway Daddy
I hope and pray we will meet someday.

Surya . 14 May 2009

a good story and a lot of love in between.nice piece.posted 10 surya

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