Dear Mommy (A Letter From An Unborn Baby If He Or She Could Read And Write) . Poem by Nora Eason

Dear Mommy (A Letter From An Unborn Baby If He Or She Could Read And Write) .

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One day when you were having lunch with some friends,
you told them you were tired of being alone.
That's when your friend Anne asked, How do you expect to feel,
when you don't even date?
I Know! I Know! You said.
Well, there is this Guy at work that has been giving me the eye.
But I don't even know his name, You said.
Then your friend Anne, suggested, that when you get back to work,
you should walk right up to the man and introduce yourself to him.
And that's just what you did,
Walking back through the door at work, seeing the Guy standing
in front of the vending machine, you went right up to him,
and introduced yourself, and you learned that his name was John.
After that you and he talked everyday, And the two of you were
beginning to get close, so you thought. To your dismay, he still hadn't
asked you out, and you began to think he never would.
But Oh! One would think, you had just won the big lotto, with the way
you carried on so, when John did finally ask you out to dinner and
Mommy you were so happy, but I think you were alittle too happy,
because it clouded your judgement. You didn't stop to think about
the consequences of your actions, you ended up letting John talk
you into going to bed with him.
You kept telling yourself, you were in love with him, and he was in love
with you, little did you know, all John wanted from you, is what you
gave him.
Then you learned you were pregnant, at the time, you were so happy,
on top of the world.
Thinking he would be just as happy as you, about me, you told him.
And to your shock, John blew his top.
He started to accuse you of being with someone else, and that the
baby you carried wasn't his.
He then took out his wallet, and some bills, threw them at you,
and told you, that you might as well get rid of it, (Me) Because
he didn't want any part of me are you. That was the last time you ever
saw or heard from him, For John had quit his job and left town
after that.
So you found yourself alone again, with the exception of me.
You were hurt, and you were angry, and you had that right,
you were angry at John for using you, and you were angry at yourself for letting him use you. But it was I you chose to punish.
After seeing the pictures, seeing my little ams and legs, my tiny
hands and fingers, my feet and my tiny toes, my little button nose,
my eyes and ears, and my lttle mouth, and even the little part,
that showed you, I was to be a little girl,
But you still chose for me to die.

Dear Mommy,
Why did you sentence me to death, before I even took my first breath?
You made the mistake, but it was my tiny heart you broke,
and my life you took.
I would cry if I could Mommy, but you didn't want to give me that chance.
You didn't see me as a real live being.
You only believed the horrible lie, that said I was nothing more that a
ball of cells. Mommy why wouldn't you listen, when your family and
friends tried to get you to have me, then if you felt you couldn't take
care of me, you then could give me to a nice couple,
that would love me and take care of me, as if I were their own.
But now my chance at life on earth is gone.
Mommy, Please Tell Me Why?

James B. Earley 30 June 2008

Whai a poignant portrait of the other side of the story! Excellent composition.

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