Liliana EL.

Dear Lovey - Poem by Liliana EL.

Dear Lovey,
Hey, I've been thinking
Why I don't completely love you
I'm crushing on some other guys
They make me laugh more
They're more upbeat and energized
Also, they have needs I can fill
Attending games
Studying for classes
And what can I do for you?
I know we're close.
I enjoy your warmth.
What makes me attracting?
Please elaborate.
I can tell you that I adore you for your affection, boldness, and courage.
I adore you for including me in your social settings.
I thank you for a good time passed. I look forward to many more.
Dear Lovey,
I feel somewhat sorry.
Being a couple is so appealing.
But don't you think it'd be unfair for you?
Because I'm not wholeheartedly into you?
There's other guys, who I'll never date.
I'd jump at the chance. But they'll never ask me.
So I thank you. For confronting me, letting me know that I'm lovely and don't have to be alone.
I thank you.
And I'll say yes to you.
But don't you think that'd be cheating?
Unless you are sure that your love would be enough to make me forget the others?
I'd say yes.
I'll say yes.
If you're sure that you're willing to date a girl who's heart isn't with you.
If you can handle the fact that she has high standards that you may never get to?
Dear Lovey,
It's your choice. This is what I have to say after two days of thinking.
Dear Lovey,
Hey, I'm loving you.
Because you're here for me. And I know you always will be.
Dear Lovey,
I thank you.
I will see you soon.
Sincerely, Emline

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