Anna Poems: 428 / 500

Death Of A Young Girl's Pet

Tears of lament young Anna cried
On the day her little rabbit died
The timid creature's name was Jim
And she felt very fond of him.

His furry coat as white as milk
Was soft to touch and fine as silk
And with large round eyes so blue and mild
He proved ideal pet for seven year child.

She got Jim as a birthday present three years ago
And he won first prize at last year's Show
Her father bought him from Sam Brown
Who has a pet shop in the town.

Each night she kept Jim in a box
Where he was safe from dog or fox
By day she kept him in a run
Together they had so much fun.

The day her furry friend got sick
To the vet she took him quick
But said the vet i cannot lie
I think your pet is going to die.

And though it give good cause for woe
Cause hearts to ache and tears to flow
There's no escape from killer death
Not even for a young girl's pet.