I Love This Land Australia Poem by Francis Duggan

I Love This Land Australia

Rating: 4.6

I love this Land Australia of gum and wattle tree
This vast and sunlit Continent is home from home for me
And though I come from a distant Land when I have had my day
Than underneath Australian soil where better place to lay.

I love this Land Australia home of the kangaroo
Of echidna and wombat, platypus and cockatoo
Of lorikeet and rosella, koala, possum and emu
And other unusual birds and animals as I've mentioned just a few.

I like Australian people if poor man make good they say
The man he is a battler, good on him anyway,
In Land of wedge tailed eagle there's rooom to spread one's wings
And in the lucky country the battler is a king.

I love this Land Australia it's home from home for me,
Home of the kookaburra and gum and wattle tree
And bell bird and bell magpie who through the Winter sing
A Winter oft times milder than Ireland in the Spring.

I love this Land Australia of sunshine and bird song
And with each passing day my love for this great Country grow more strong
And though I come from a distant Land when I have had my day
Than underneath Australian soil where better place to lay.

Tia Attwood 19 February 2016

What an excellent poem reflecting Australia and well describing our environment with our native fauna. Great job Regards Tia

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tahlia 17 June 2018

very boring dsd not like this poem at all i would never read it again

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Carola Hume 12 February 2019

you're quite obviously not australian, don't know anything about our wildlife, nature or culture. when you are unknowledgeable about something, it's best not to comment & allow the whole world to know about your shortcomings.

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riley 04 March 2018

i like this as a kid

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ellla 11 March 2018

i need to know what yera this was written cheers

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Kay Moore 01 November 2020

Appreciate your love of Australia ...Kay Moore

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Jazmyn 24 August 2020

I LOVE this poem. It's soooo good, and what makes it even better is that it is about Australia and Australia is the greatest country in my opinion. I'm proud to call Australia my home and will be for the rest of my life too.

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Riley Buchanan 24 August 2020

Tahlia everyone els thinks it is a good poem. But you are the only one who disagrees with it Ha (get wrecked)

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Riley Buchanan 23 August 2020

It is a awesome poem. You should keep writing More of these

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Brook Renwick 20 July 2020

I am having serious doubts about the value of our bogans however. Having said this, every country has a subculture of urban trash and Australia is not the only country with a cultural problem.

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