Deer Encounter Poem by vern eaker

Deer Encounter

Rating: 5.0

````````````````````````Silhouetted against the shimmering lake
With its waters flowing cold
Tasting of its coolness
Motionless alert sensing my aroma
In the air of the dawn

Cautiously approaching, deftly I move
My hand upon the silken smooth softness of its hide
Quivering shaking warm to the touch
Innocent brown eyes searching my soul
A smile was shared
For the briefest moment, which seemed to last an hour

Pressing its head into my arm
No option as I’m moved aside, taking a step back
Whispering grunt white tail in the air
Nothing but tracks in the snow


Connecting with nature and one of its most beautiful wild creature is quite an expereience.Deer are so graceful.A ten, again.

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Tai Chi Italy 25 January 2009

What a beautiful encounter you portray in this softly flowing poem. Not sure about the 'grunt' word near the end, it seemed to make it falter. Freeform is whatever way you want to make it. enjambing is fun sometimes, but the key is in the gracefulness of the pace of the poem, depending on what you want to achieve. firing lines, swimming lines, sauntering lines, it's all in the swing of the hips and the pen. Smiling at you, TAi

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vern eaker

vern eaker

Illinois U.S.A.
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