vern eaker

Rookie - 2 Points (summer of 57 / Illinois U.S.A.)

vern eaker Poems

1. The Bigger A Heart 1/20/2009
2. Online 1/20/2009
3. I Want To Be A We 1/20/2009
4. Lipstick On The Bottle 1/20/2009
5. Question Of Love 1/21/2009
6. You Fill Me With Love 1/21/2009
7. Just Because Darlin I Love You 1/21/2009
8. I Can Never Stop 1/21/2009
9. Do You Feel The Same? 1/21/2009
10. You Are One Adorable Girl 1/21/2009
11. Wrong Is Right For Me 1/21/2009
12. Today I Did Not Wake 1/21/2009
13. Too Live A Life Of Sin 1/24/2009
14. Would You Read A Book 1/27/2009
15. If I Were A Shoe 1/27/2009
16. I Want To Believe 1/27/2009
17. I Appreciate The Friends I Have Met 1/28/2009
18. Her World 1/28/2009
19. Oh To Be A Writer Or Poet 1/25/2009
20. Beloved Hearts 1/26/2009
21. Morning Coffee 1/29/2009
22. I Am Not That Kind Of Guy 1/31/2009
23. Mankinds Bible 1/31/2009
24. Bumper Sticker Philosophy 2/1/2009
25. A Trip Without A Destination 2/2/2009
26. A Need For Windex 2/2/2009
27. An Attempt To Be Noticed 2/2/2009
28. R Espect 2/2/2009
29. Toys 2/3/2009
30. Are You Ever Asking? 2/3/2009
31. The Truth About Lies 2/4/2009
32. Do You Recall 2/6/2009
33. Children Require 2/7/2009
34. Dreams 2/8/2009
35. If I Had A Dollar 2/9/2009
36. At Days End 2/10/2009
37. Its Only A Tree 2/10/2009
38. As Valentines Day Approaches Near 2/11/2009
39. When The Time Comes 1/29/2009
40. Compassion 2/12/2009
Best Poem of vern eaker

Eyes Are The Window To The Soul

Eyes are the windows to the soul
Throughout my life I’ve been told
To see into anothers heart
Eyes are the place to start

Be they hazel, green or blue
Black, brown color changing too
Matters not what color they be
They show what one needs to see

Through these windows the truth lies
Emotionally nothing hides
Clear for all too recognize
Displayed to the world in ones eyes

Evident are anger, lust and surprise
Fear, truth, lust, hope and despise
Happiness, sorrow, and confusion
Inside familiar eyes there is no illusion

To gaze deeply...

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The Birth Of A Family

The birth of a family where does it start
Your parents, their parents all play a part

Virtues instilled deep within us all form
Long before an innocent child is born

Family history does have its role
Hardships and struggles take their toll

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