vern eaker Poems

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Eyes Are The Window To The Soul

Eyes are the windows to the soul
Throughout my life I’ve been told
To see into anothers heart
Eyes are the place to start

Insert Name Here

(your name here) you have captured my heart

It has been yours from the very start

The Birth Of A Family

The birth of a family where does it start
Your parents, their parents all play a part

Virtues instilled deep within us all form

If I Were A Color

If love were a color what would it be?

Red like the roses vibrant and dark,

A Homeless Man

I see him sit at the bus stop
Still remains, as the bus leaves
Hair askew, stubble on face
Perspiration and soil stain his sleeves

I Know I'M Not The Perfect Man

I know I am not the perfect man

I never even try as hard as I can

She Don'T Love Me

I love her but she don’t love me
She thinks she love another man
And he’s no good you understand

Cartoon World

A cartoon world would be nice to live in
Obstacles and problems moved with a pen
A simplistic uncontroversial place
Hatred and fear we could erase

Complacent Love

Complacent love is love still
Often time wears against our will
Dulling the way our love may feel
Without notice gone is the thrill

What Poetry Means To Me

Poetry what does it mean to me?
Much more than a fancy way to speak
Allows others to feel things inside of me
Through thoughtfully chosen word

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