Defying Gravity Poem by Maya Hanson

Defying Gravity

Rating: 5.0

When we stare at each other strangely
There’s something in between our eyes
Something that defies gravity
And we think it’s called courage
But it’s not- it’s courage mixed with fear
Because courage is fear itself
Courage is knowing what not to fear

Michael Walkerjohn 02 November 2014

Aloha Maya... I Caught your bio... and plunged in to your posts... This bit of word work is heads above the normal station of thoughts processing for Millennials... or is it? My youngest child turned 26 this year so maybe I am out of the loupe... in these matters... but not out of mind... I applaud your wealth of works... your chosen activities... and your enthusiasm for arts and crafts... Stephen Crane wrote, The Red Badge of Courage, in 1895... this particular write was part of my upbringing... an assigned read so to speak... one which gave me some trouble... the aspect of the term, i.e. a psychological portrayal of fear, was, to me, at my age, in those daze... a bit over the top... yet the similarity of that work... to your thoughts in this post... are a pleasant surprise... Thank you for your efforts, for posting your works here, and for sharing your world view with the all of US... all of the best from this life, to you, and all of your relations... Michaelw1two.

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