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A little about me:
My name is Maya Hanson, otherwise known as Mye. I was actually named after Maya Angelou...what a coincidence, I followed in her footsteps and write poetry and stories as well. I am 18 and a freshman in college. I have been writing poetry since about 2nd or 3rd grade (but my older ones on here are not that great) . A lot of my ...

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Despite the wind
carving her face raw,
she bends to the sky

I Am Human

I am a
Human being.

I try to


Use a streetlight
to show me
that things are okay

So Many Words

Could you have chosen
a different way to say it?
So many words
So little time


You claim you felt a
spark. Maybe it was
just the fire in my
hands, directed at you.

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21 November 2014

Life is like a box of chocolates. Sometimes it's delicious and sometimes it makes you want to puke.

21 November 2014

Active imaginations are rarer than they seem.

21 November 2014

And this is something I won't forget or regret. Something I will look back on and say, "Hey, there's me doing something stupid, but it came out good."

21 November 2014

My role model is never seen without a smile on her face. And that is why she is my role model.

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Maya Hanson 14 March 2014

Okay, so I know this may have just been a mistake, but I have four poems that are rated 1.0. It was most likely by the same person, and they might have mistaken it for the highest score. But I have something to say to all the haters out there...If you're going to hate on someone, have a reason. And if you're going to hate on my poems, please comment below telling me WHY you didn't like it and what I can do better. So...just needed to get this off my chest. That's all. And thank you to everyone who has enjoyed and rated my poems over the years.

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Maya Hanson 21 May 2013

Coming soon... A lot of poems! ! ! ! ! ! ! including Till you're here, Can't say a thing, Tomorrow's coming, I'll tell you why, Alive, Searching, and can't you sing a line.

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Maya Hanson 04 April 2013

Coming soon... I'll Tell You Why and Is That All :)

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Maya Hanson 06 March 2013

Darlin' You're Changin' My Mind and Heart Gone Haywire are now posted, along with I Am Fossil Fuels and The Way We've Always Lived- 2 others I had an inspiration for. Twenty Of You will be coming soon...

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Maya Hanson 27 February 2013

COMING SOON EVERYONE (or no one- this is how pathetic I am, it could happen) : I have 3 poems I'm holding back for suspense (or maybe sorta probably it's because I'm wayyyy too busy to post them now) . I will probably post them by next week. (Darlin' You're) Changin' My Mind, Heart Gone Haywire, and ________ (haven't exactly decided what I'm calling this one yet, but it's probably going to be Twenty Of You) .

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acsaacac 27 January 2020

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Ovi Odiete 04 July 2016

Interesting Poems..............From a Great Poet like you

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Maya Hanson 09 May 2015

So you may have noticed I deleted about 9 or 10 of my poems on here. Or maybe not...probably no one really looks at them anyway. But if you are wondering where they went...I went through the process of removing the writing that I think is not stylistically representative of me as a writer or that were just super old (some of them I had written in 3rd or 4th grade, and they just weren't that great) . So yeah. I hope you enjoy any of them that you read though!

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Toby Hill 18 June 2014

Hello Maya. I am a Youtuber called Toby Hill. I recently adapted one of your poems for a university project. King of the Jungle. I have since put it up on Youtube (I am not making any money from it nor will I) however now it is up on Youtube I thought you might like to see it. Here is the link: https: // v=yXyEbqdUp9o you are credited in the description. I haven't really used this site for anything other than finding your poem however if you do want to get in contact there are the Youtube comments and all my social networks are linked from there. I hope you are okay with me adapting the poem and thank you for bringing such a lovely poem into the world.

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Maya Hanson 09 April 2014

AAAAHHHHH 199! ! ! ! ! ! ! stay tuned! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ;)

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