Derek Fitzpatrick

Rookie (August 6th 1992)

Demolition God - Poem by Derek Fitzpatrick

I believe,
I can see the future.
For, I'm buried in my past,
Another cloud,
They'll never capture.

Rise from Ash
The Tidal Wave,
Dying to crash.
Tearing a new path.

Feel my wrath.
Speak in Serpent's tongue
Trapped in my aftermath.

There's always a problem..
Stare blindly,
It's just a scratch.
Ain't completely broken..

Everlasting gaze..or glance?
Fix fuckin nothing.
I'm perfectly askewed
In this vampire trance.

I believe..
I can drink the Ocean,
Steal Father Time's complexion
Change the laws of motion.
Fear is in your mouth
& on both hands.

I'll run around,
& make the Stars dance.
I believe,
I can play God with no emotions,
& destroy my own land.

I burnt my lips on the Sun,
Quenched my thirst on the Moon..
Hide in shadows of no one,
For, we are but one.


As the rising Tide,
In the muddy Swamp,
I'm the light shining,
Onto the edge of sanity.
I leapt straight down.

I believe I'm me..
My own breed,
Dirty Pearl.
Stricken curse,
Touch me softly,
I may burst.

I fear,
I have no weakness,
Burning every flaw
Squeezing blood from leeches
Feel effects,
But have no cause.

I fly free..
With no wings.
I only need my claws.

I shed my skin on weekends,
Impose the thorns of rose
On my invisible cross.
Demolished all laws,
Decaying at all costs.

Slither in the dirt..
With my familiar fins,
I'm happily lost.
In the Desert's soul,
Swallowing continents whole.

I have it all,
Crumbling below,
Shattering slow.

Just before I fall..
Paint my self-portrait,
& scrape me off the wall.

Keep my bitter heart,
In a locket,
Around your neck,
It may choke,
Only to protect.

I feed,
On self-destruction
Speak in Glacier.
Move through Mountains,
Climb inside Hills
Bending Nature
Swan-Dive from Mesa's
Breathing with gills
Suspend the Sun,
Soothe the Moon
Love the Ocean

It's all eroding..
Tomorrow is rebirth
Unfulfilled prophecies
The 3 eyed curse,
They've been watching..
Remain alert.

Drift into black
This mighty machine
Shall malfunction
With knives in my back.

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