Departing Station Poem by Parwin Jadan

Departing Station

To the peasant patient weary wan woman
Alas, I never thought one day,
I will visit the village
And find you as a grave
Woe, who will greets me nice welcome?
Who will present me hot cup of tea mildly?
Who will give white bread?
Ah, your faithful dog gonna wonder
When you left!
Alas, I lament and say
(a tune of flute plays on that song)
Death is at hand so close or hide in a blow
Like thunder bolt
Knock any door
Jump from any window
Call in any morn
Drags you out off gloomy chimney
Steal your shadow away
If you planted fine deeds
River runs deep
If you planted evil deeds
Fire burns bite
'Time to go home', he says
If you sawed happiness
And smiled in tired faces
You will be well remembered and loved
But, if you sawed sadness and tears
In others heart
you will gain hate and pain
when, you're traveling away
they bid you happy farewell
weaving goodbye 'you are leaving, but we are coming'
the dropp or rain falls from sky
backs to the Blue
made by mud sleeps in dust
The ringing bell or passionate pray
to gets on the train plane or boat.
You still wait and stay
for the Open Tomorrow
If you were Cruel
even ground will lock her heart with frost will not allows to live in it
if you were human,
Spring will embrace like your mother
Vicious human will die alone
Spider webs will coffin him
At his funereal owls and bats will through a Bouquet of rats on his tomb
Some will rest under oak trees
Wind blows gently on them
Others will burn in
under the sun's heat
hah, what a grill's party!
Even in death,
There is hope of what's Next?

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