'Depression Makes Me.......' Poem by Annie Juliet

'Depression Makes Me.......'

Rating: 4.1

Depression makes me feel pain
Depression makes me stupid
Depression makes me feel low
Depression makes me mad
Depression makes me sad
Depression makes me forget world
Depression makes me tensed
Depression makes me lose self control
Depression makes me hate everyone
Depression makes me think over and over
Depression makes me feel lonely
Depression makes me think wild
Depression makes me worthless
Depression makes me sick
What does Depression give me?
When it runs high…
It will make me Die - REST IN PEACE…

Brenda Schneidt 16 March 2012

i love this so much and i feel the some way you do and i am new to this

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Bob Crackhead 22 April 2013

This poem is so good i wanna do bad things to my cats

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Alexis S. 22 February 2013

depression hurts it hurts bad and only the peoplle who actully have it can understand

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Steven Eddy 02 November 2012

i love it cause i got really bad depression problem to the point of death im support to take med for it but it dont help but i love ur poem well bye

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Miranda Cantu 17 December 2012

i love depression it makes me think and wonder about life and as for this poem i love it also

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Chloe Dodge 09 April 2023

This describes depression so perfectly, and not everyone will understand it

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Sophie Vincent 01 February 2019

This poem is so true

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Chaminda Pushpadewa 18 July 2018

When it runs high… It will make me Die - REST IN PEACE i think depression is making truth of the world because of we cannot believed some one therefore death is very suitable cause of no one understand our words

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Val A. 16 January 2018

Exceptionally well written for those who experienced the 'Black Dog'. Depression is all of the above, yet it is a sign according to Winnicott (?) of our humanity. Poorer would we be of spirit if we were not touched by loss, sadness or tragedy. It can be part of the spiritual and emotional journey.

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Dina Adlinah 25 December 2017

i have a serious problems. my depressiom become worse. when i saw this, its makes me cry.

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