Depression's Desperate Name Poem by Myrtle Thomas

Depression's Desperate Name

Rating: 2.7

Depression's Desperate Name

How hard my heart does reel!
torn to pieces by things I feel
sore and forlorn in depths I sink
befallen to depression, of things I think

Bruised by injustice and falsehood
never many moments of feeling very good
begotten and weary, ashamed I seem
for my emotions at times are not a bad dream

I hold to hope however strong
and pray my feelings not last too long
most of life, for a sorry soul such as I
are bouts of blistering blues until I die

I relish moments of a happy time in life
but indelible ink spots of cruelty soar from strife
beaten down by societies fake design
as for today I feel fine

But be it known a mind and heart can break
as tearful anguish for the unknown, can ache
a pill can help but for a time
but the truth, is these feelings are mine

At times I long but for a long sleep
where desperation and depression's holds can't keep
and as I write this poem in verse
I believe my depression is a family curse


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