Michael Lafferty

Devil Of Darkness

Devil of Darkness arise you shall
kill the innocent and deliver the foul
creatures of what we once knew
Demon of Darkness i call forth upon you!

Kill the innocent suffer the poor
murdering children as they walk
through your door.

Hurting Hurting more and more
you are now what i adore

The skys will turn black
the seas are no more
only the night will exist
like the land of before
time is the only thing left for them to see

The time of pain, Suffering, and misery
oh how you can't see what your evil does to me.

It gives me life, it gives me my air
giving my soul would only be fair to you my king
and let it be known that the world was ended by your hands
something not even god would try to understand.

Demon of darkness the time has come
the shadow hours have begun
as the sun rises to the highest moon
god should be coming if only too soon

Would he succeede? or shall he fail?
this world is still yours bring out your hell

Release the nightmares of which we dream
Release the evil that makes us scream.

And as i stand here waiting to die
Darkness of black covers the sky
burning seas begin to show
Death pain and misery are now what you know

Arise demons and let it show that evil
never dies it only sleeps, it only hides
waiting to attack its first prey and be
lucky when its not your day becouse
even satan might get you someday.

Good bye world of what was once knew
they begged and begged and pleaded for you
but the wrath of evil, the wrath of devil
is too strong, and now its time you were gone.

As the world crashes i wait to see,
what all this really meant to me,
watching the people suffer and pray
where did god go during this day?

Show yourself and take us away
was all i heard people say
and even though darkness shrouds my heart
i'll shed a tear to the world that is falling apart

A tear for the ones who died at young age
A tear for the ones who didn't stay
A tear for every prayer sent to god
A tear for the world becouse now its gone.

Poem Submitted: Thursday, August 3, 2006
Poem Edited: Friday, August 20, 2010

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