courtney metcalf

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Diamond In The Rough - Poem by courtney metcalf

The hurt you feel is the hurt of millions. You are not alone. Love can be found as quickly as lost, works its self out on its own. Do not continue to look for love, because love will always find you. It's so close, and always there, just not in perfect view. Sometimes life seems harder than it really even is, just remember you're loved by your family, just as you're cherished by your friends. Though you may think this depression will never have an end in sight, don't give up, you are worth every bit of every fight. You are stronger than you know. You are more loved than you could guess. Life doesn't hate you, it's just giving you a test. Don't give sorrow the joy of watching you lose. You have the whole world, and all the time in it, to do what you chose. You've been given life for a reason, and I promise you were worth it. Take your life, let it shine; and whatever tiddle wave crashes your way, surf it. Stay on top of the situation, don't let it drag you under. Through every storm, there is always light within the thunder. Hard as life may strike you, you have to learn to bounce back. Keep a smile on your face, don't let the fear attack. Keep your head held high, keep your heart and mind open. Don't let the people scare you from being outspoken. Don't bottle things up inside, boiling until they explode. Don't keep yourself locked out of he world, totally remote. Put yourself out there, be yourself. Why does it matter if it's not good enough for someone else? You be you. You be free. And when someone tries to offer you love, please don't flee. Accept that you're good enough to be loved. Know you won't hurt everybody that you've touched. Forgive yourself for the ones that you have. Move on with your life, instead of basking in the past. Don't follow the crowd, live on the edge. Don't take up the space, feel free to dream ahead. Only people with dull personalities need to be 'cool'. But your's is bright as a rare jewel. And as a jewel, you have many different spectrums. The world is only how you chose to reflect it.

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