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Born in Denison, Tx, lived in Oklahoma since 8 years old. I usually only write as an outlet so it might all be pretty depressing honestly. I'm not depressed all the time though, so don't think I'm just a mope. However, I have wrote some happy things too. If you comment or message me about my poems and give me feedback, I will return the favor.

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I Am The Media

In this place, we dream a dream. A place society can never reach.
We weave these lies, and they chase it. All because the
media made it. They waste their chances, waste
their lives. They'll climb the rope,

A Dream

I don't know why I ever gave you my love.
I guess I just wanted to believe in someone.
That was enough.
To throw all my trust into someone

They Say I'M Like You

They say I'm like you
I wouldn't know
Sometimes I see you
Most times I don't

A New Song

Sing me the song of your troubles
And I shall weep mine
We'll have an album wrote
In a short amount of time

Speak Up

I sat in silence a lot
People never listened when I talked
People never cared what I thought
Through that grew a soft spot for the underdogs

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