Wednesday, September 16, 2009


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By my love, Evaughn Gray...

The discolored snow that lies beneath me, the tears that freeze on my face. My heart that can no longer beat, my hands that can no longer hold, my lips that can no longer whisper I love you. So many things have gone to waste, so many things left untold. The rest of my life has been carried away with the deadly wind that tramples over me. The snow continuously washes over me, like the waves of an ocean covers rocks. I soon become a bump in the snow. My body didn’t make it far, as it traveled through the woods, and thick heavy snow.
I got wounded, so my trail was covered in blood. And as my body begins to shutdown, the sun begins to rise and so does he, he this man called my husband, has risen out of his deep slumber. He takes a shower, puts on his thick hiking clothes and sets out for adventure. Soon what he finds will be an adventure he was hoping to never find. His beloved wife buried under earth’s blanket. The earths blanket of discolored snow…As he falls he wonders what he hit, a fallen tree? As he removes the snow, his eyes begin to water, his heart skips a beat, and his mind begins to race, ‘How could this happen, what did I do’? He starts to get up to go get help, but falls back on his knees because there is nothing he can do. It’s too late. You can’t save a life if it never began. You can’t save a life it a person has already chosen not to live it.

Sadly, there is nothing you can do. There’s nothing anyone could have done to save a life that never wanted to begin with in the first place. As he looks me over with tears in his eyes, through the blur he sees a paper crumpled in my hands written in blood, it read; My life has perished like all good things do. You said I was your diamond, but I guess you were mistaken, because like me that also perished too. It’s funny how they say diamonds last forever because, in this certain situation, diamonds never do.

My response...

This is a beautiful poem my love
But there are some things you missed
Mainly that I quickly followed you up above
After your blue lips I have kissed

I followed you with a fury
That rivaled God himself
You left me at home all night to worry
And you try now to leave me by myself?

You looked surprised, at heavens gate
When I wrapped my arms around you
That look of surprise turned to a loving hate
When you yelled 'WHAT THE HELL DID YOU DO? '

I pulled you close to kiss you hard
The lips that were no longer blue
Spoke if how I killed myself in our back yard
So that I could follow you

I told you how I couldn't live
A single moment without you
For what Ive done you must forgive
Because you know that this is true

Earthly diamonds will one day fade, and nothing in life can last forever
But the strength between our two hearts not even Death can sever
Tyrone Wingfield
Evaughn Gray 16 September 2009
I love 'My life perished like all good things do, you said i was your diamond, but i guess you were mistaken because like me that also perished too. It's funny how they say diamonds last forever, because in this certain situation, Diamonds never do. and also yours 'I followed you with a fury That rivaled God himself You left me at home all night to worry And you try now to leave me by myself? ' Tres bien mon mari ~ J'aime Hazel G.E
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