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Two bodies intertwined
Is how this will be ending,
But I guess I should rewind
And tell you my dream from the begining

Im sorry for arguing with you,
When we knew you were right.
Im sorry doing what I do
In each and every fight

Tell me how was your day
Since I could not see.
Tell me how you went your way,
As if you don't remember me.

Sweet phrases flow from my lips
While my tongue tickles the back of your ear
The eagerness in my finger tips
Hints at the motivation of us being here

A sweet kiss is what sparked this situation
And two souls that were destined to meet
A set of soft lips start this confrontation
While their clothes slowly slide down to their feet

I must return to my evil intent
I must re-spark that dark fire
I must destroy all that is content
And bring back the dark desire

Our meeting was cloaked in mystery
And our love was born so suddenly
One thing that is plain to see
Is that I am yours forever

I wrote a beautiful poem for you today,
I poem with a dark twist.
I wrote it with a razor my love,
And I wrote it on my wrist

Even though I think I moved on
You are still in my heart
Even though two years I have been gone
I still wish we never came apart


Sugar coated sayings put in your ears
Along with promises from sweet lips
Plans spanning back years
To see whats between those hips

Four letters that will always make me smile
And then turn me twenty shades of red
Four letters that make me laugh awhile
And crushes any sense of dread

My heart is Hers and Hers alone
And it will forever remain in Her keep
To keep the Love that between us have grown
No price will ever be too steep

My heart will no longer beats
Since it may not beat for her
She is my last hope for happiness
So it will be silent forever

Love, hallowed was your name
Before mankind deformed it
Now they use your name in such vain
I think they have destroyed it

As we danced, suppended in time
I felt almost as if we were floating
Having your body so close to mine
Had my head dangerously close to exploding


After seeing the joy that love can bring
And the hearts it leaves worn and torn
I may not know why the caged birds sing
But I know why every rose bears a thorn

I had finally fallen deep in love
Only to have it ripped away
Somebody must hate me up above
Someone who takes pleasure in my dismay

I have chosen to bathe in Fire
And my love has chosen Ice
Yet she is my hearts only desire
And she finds me easy to entice

How do I slip through the defenses that suround you,
How can I get to know you if you never let me through?
How do I get close to someone whos is so intent on keeping me out,
I ask these questions all day long and fear I will never figure them out

I know sometimes you wonder,
Just how true are my intentions.
I know how you must ponder,
Just what are my motivations.

Tyrone Wingfield Biography

Im a small town boy who likes the most challenging way to accomplish anything. When I was younger I hated poetry, all my teachers ever talked about were a bunch of dead guys who made absolutly no meaning to me. I didnt take an intrest in poetry until I met my first love, she told me that she liked poetry but only the happy poems. then I started looking into poetry, It wasnt because of my intrest in it It was for my intrest in her. After reading a few poems by Lord Byron, I tried my hand at it, to my surprise I was actually good at it, I wrote to her literly hundreds of poems all of wich are keep safe under her mattress to this day. Although I havent seen her in over three years, I still talk to her and she still inspires me to write all of my best poems, she gave me the gift that keeps on giving. Now I live in monroeville, which is compleatly contrast with my love for a small town, its okay for the most part but I always long for opean medows and deep forest to climb through. I am an brutally honest so if you ask me a question dont expect me to sugar coat anything. Im a HUGE flirt so Im sorry if I misslead you to believe anything, but more than likely Im not just playing with you Im probly intrested in you but see difficulties in getting/being with you.for some reason ever since I was young I have been infatuated with the dark, anything considered dark or deranged followed along when I became a teen. my room is even decorated with assortments of chains of every variety and handcuffs of every sort. My father the baptist preacher man doesnt like my tastes in most things, mainly because he finds them demonic. Please dont think I am anything near a satanist, I do believe in God I just think theres a little more to things the the bible tells us. Basicly Im still looking for the rest of the puzzle befor I decide to commit whole heartedly. I also have a extremly twisted sense of humor and I guarentee you if are in any theater around me watching any of the Saw movies I was the crazy guy in the front of the theater laughing my ass off. I enjoy new people especially in exotic places, I love anything differnt and my only fear is to end up being exactly like everybody elese. If I seem like type of person you wish to entertain you, look me up Im usually not shy and will answer any question under the moon and back.

If you want me to comment any of your poems comment one of mine and I'll be sure to return the favor

The Best Poem Of Tyrone Wingfield

My Wet Dream

Two bodies intertwined
Is how this will be ending,
But I guess I should rewind
And tell you my dream from the begining

It started with a kiss
As my dreams usually do
And all the passion sparked by this
Could only be born between us two

This kiss eased from your lips
To your neck which I decided to bite
While my hands settled on your hips
For the first time that night

I was nibbling on your neck gently
While you moaned in my ear
Then I pulled your shirt off slowly
And tossed it through the air

A fire sparked when your skin touched mine
And our passionate embrace
The only thing more divine
Was the look on your face

Next we plunged even deeper into passionate kisses
As we eased our way to the bed
Across your back one hand dances
While the other cradles your head

With a quick slide of my hand
Your bra became undone
Dropping slowly to the sands
Signaling exactly what has begun

Next my lips sought a new destination
To gently nibble and kiss
Their goal was to give you a new sensation
And they sure as hell couldn't miss

Next came the bite
And the moans it surely caused
The echo danced across the moonlight
While the waves of the ocean applauded

Eventually we worked our way off the bed
And drifted down to the sands
I can still picture what it looked like in my head
You and I, embraced in the oceans watery hands

Then I noticed that I was clothing impaired
So I helped you out your skirt
I whispered 'Baby, don't be scared,
I promise it wont hurt'

Next my kisses went further south
Than they ever dared before
I ripped off your boy shorts and put your treasure in my mouth
Then you started screaming for more

This is where you lost your mind
And your hand anchored to the back of my head
Not a single complaint could I find
And if I could nothing would of been said

This went on for what seemed eternity
Simply because you wouldn't let me stop
But eventually you set me free
And pulled me back on top

Next I gazed upon your face
And saw it twisted from this newfound pleasure
So I decided to slow my pace
To make that moment last forever

Next came the moment of sweet surrender
As two bodies became one
Everything was slow and tender
And our love making begun

Slowly I fed all ten inches in
The hole that was wet and dripping
Even though we knew what we was doing was a sin
Neither one of us thought of stopping

From the very first thrust you screamed
Not from pain but satisfaction
I could of never dreamed
That you would have such a reaction

Each push went deeper and deeper
Getting closer to your spot
Each thrust came faster and faster
While I gave you all I got

Eventually you found your way on top
And started winding and grinding
I begged 'Oh my God, baby don't stop! '
While I wondered how you got so good at riding

We cycled threw every position
That came across our mind
And under these conditions
A few new ones we designed

This went on the entire night
And the all of the next day
I did everything in my might
To leave you satisfied in every way

You and I cuddled together
Is the last thing I see before the morning light
I pray this dream follows me forever
So I can dream it every night

Tyrone Wingfield Comments

Saane Pahulu 18 May 2010

hey, you sound like a really cool guy! the dark is one of the most interesting things i love. its alive in a different way... well i don't know about you...but its interesting and mysterious. i use to be afraid of the dark but now i love everything about because i see it in different angles other than horror... about the movie thing i love horrors because they are horrifying and disturbing to others. i laugh at the stupidest things especially in movies like the saw saga. well yeah i'll start reading your poetry and i think yours will be way better than mine because i over think stuff sometimes coz i like to capture detail. yea email me when you get the chance. oh and being a big FLURT is great :) :)

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Evaughn Gray 21 June 2008

Tyrone you don't know how good of a poet you are...your amazing when you write..your wonderful. I hope one day the whole world gets to see that and bow down..your awsome..~Love Eva

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