Learnmore Edwin Zvada

Diary Of A Maddened Woman - Poem by Learnmore Edwin Zvada

When I depart from this doomed hovel
My eyes will no longer rest on the wall
Onto which your portrait hung
The smirk on your face unsavory like the rest of you
I will no longer hear your trouncing voice that carried itself like a god
Terrorizing my ego, dressing me down to a faceless apparition
Making me feel less of a woman
Even lesser valued than the hound you kept
When vile words trip the light fantastic with my brain cells
I will drink liquor the way a dam swallows a river
Up to my hair and down to my feet
Till your face looks like a squashed ball in my eyes
With my face a safe distance from your fist
I will discharge derogatory vocabulary off my tongue
And you, my husband, will weep like a castrated hyena
Then I will remind you of how you broke me
Like one of your useless coffee cups
On that chair where I used to sit, like a sappy cat
Whilst you wove a dream for me
Be this and be that, you said

Now you tell me you no longer feel 'safe' around me
So you send these white-coated men to carry me to the asylum
'It's gonna be good for you, ' they say
What a joke!
If anyone needs rehab, it's you
But I guess, I am the acceptable victim

So I will play the part as required
Be there safe and not be here battered and contused
To them I will be the perfect mad woman
From sunrise to sunset, I will sing bosh
Holding on to the one thing that's gonna keep me away from you
There I will stay, till I am grey in the head
Someday I will hear about it from the man on the radio
That they are sending you to the slammer
Then I will laugh and laugh
Till everyone joins in my laughter
And the overzealous shrink will throw in a remark,
"Holy cow! The gawk is getting better! "

Topic(s) of this poem: sad love

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Poem Submitted: Friday, January 15, 2016

Poem Edited: Thursday, June 14, 2018

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