Diaspora Poem by Leandra Gebrakedan



Don't ask me what is the most painful, losing friends I'd known forever

Don't ask me what is the most painful, knowing Tigray will never the same, Never

Don't ask me what is the most Painful, constant demands to remain ‘the same' whatever

I explained, didn't make it better

I complained, every opportunity, whenever

I cried, it didn't help whatsoever

A million tears I have cried, for every person that had died

A million ways they were killed, women held against their will

A million times we have demonstrated across the globe, with blood splattered upon our robes

Still you continue to deny, and hide behind your wall of lies

Still you tell us that you're concerned, while our people watched their loved ones burnt

Still you let us have false hope, Pretoria agreement, what a joke

Please don't think we'll go away, until there's peace, we're here to stay

Please don't think a monthly meeting will suffice, we need justice, as our families have already had to pay the price

Please don't think you are beguiling us with your token gestures, when Tegure bodies were left in the open to fester

Oh yes I will provide graphic details, as this genocide has happened before, it's on repeat, it's a sequel

Oh yes history is on repeat, murder happening in broad daylight, on the streets

Oh yes, the killing of women, children, priests and nuns, with drones, knives and guns

Reality is that evil continues, when you turn a blind eye, innocent people perish, left to die

Reality being money trumps peace, China mining in Tigray, UK investing in telecommunications, exploitation, will it cease! ?

All diaspora whether in, England, Italy or Greece, our support will never cease

All diaspora's numbers will increase, until victorious, we'll encrease

All diaspora standing strong, will you listen, will you hear our song! ?

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