Differences Between A Good Friend And A Bad Friend Poem by Jessica Lopez

Differences Between A Good Friend And A Bad Friend

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A good friend would wait for you;
So you could both walk to the bus;
A bad friend would just leave impatient;
“I’d rather go hang with Gus.”

A good friend would help with a chore;
Even if it’s taking out the trash;
A bad friend would just smirk;
“If only you gave me cash.”

A good friend would listen;
To whatever you have to say;
A bad friend would cover your mouth;
“Quit blabbering away! ”

A good friend would say “Come on over.”
Whenever you feel like you’re alone;
A bad friend would yell at your face;
“Just go on back home! ”

A good friend would phone;
To ask how you are;
A bad friend wouldn’t care;
“Wanna go to the bar? ”

A good friend will cheer you up;
Whenever you feel sad;
A bad friend would laugh;
“Well, that’s just too bad.”

A good friend would stand up for you;
When blamed for a crime;
A bad friend would walk away;
“Oh look at the time.”

A good friend would come to your funeral;
And leave flowers in your wake;
A bad friend would blow it off;
“It was his mistake! ”

BLACK is BEAUTIFUL 17 April 2010

nice job! I'm new here so, you should be about 18/19 now, : -) . it's funny how sometimes a good can go bad. keep writing lil.sis.

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Aubriel Hunt 24 March 2009

Great poem i fet your feelings through the poem keep it up!

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Flávio Bhawk 28 May 2008

we all need good and bad friends, and we have them.

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