- Dining In Style: : Humour Poem by Alessandra Liverani

- Dining In Style: : Humour

Rating: 2.7

We rented a DVD and ordered Thai for our date
From the kitchen he procured two paper plates,
Two plastic spoons and two plastic cups
In style was my date going to serve this meal up

'Are you short on crockery', I asked with surprise
'Don't like washing up' he bluntly advised
He placed his container of food on his plate
And I followed suit without further debate

I wasn't expecting tableware of finest china
And I don't like to be thought a hard-to-please whiner
But my plastic spoon was just not up to the task
'Could I please have a fork', I plaintively asked

His reply 'I don't have one', stopped my spoon in mid air
'Do you have a knife, by chance, one that is spare? '
'Only for chopping food', he testily attested
And then added 'Why are you so interested? '

'Oh no reason, I guess', and refrained to add
That for someone well-off this was just sad
When I left his abode, he again hit his mark
When he didn't accompany me out in the dark

Inspired after reading Suzanne Attar's book 'Dates of Our Lives'

(Sydney, Australia - 2010)

Heather Wilkins 19 August 2013

ha ha a good write. plastic and paper plates are in use at my house no dishes to wash

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Alessandra Liverani

Alessandra Liverani

Wollongong, Australia
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