Dazibella Dunham


Sitting by an ancient tree
Covered in hanging moss
Someone spoke to me

In a voice so new
A voice that cripled the sun
He spoke words from another time
He said, 'I'll hold you up and help you shine.'

I said, 'Come to me and tell me of you.
Tell me what you long to make true.'

In the sweetest voice with the sadest eyes,
'I'll love you, perfect, until the world it dies.'
Hair disrupted from the weather, lips parted he said,
'I've waited so long for you, many sins i've shed.'

The quietest whisper
The most beautiful undead
Tempting breath along my neck
He holds his love unseeing
Ashamed of his own being

In a voice so low
A voice that criples the sun
Perfect words from another time
He said, 'The alive, the dead, forever your mine.'

He holds the darkness of the beast in his eyes
Upon his lips, an angels voice
Sprung from nature, he's beauty incarnate
The nature, how dark, is given in his skin like granite

Deeply held in love, the creature of the night
The creature built for fright
He erevocably draws you in
A power, a love, so thick it becomes the most silent of sins

'Taken from your soul, ' he says 'i hear its voice.
Im not like you, love, i have no choice.
But this dream of lips and eyes as human as yours.
I would trade mine for them, give up what every human adores.'

The voice so fleeting it drifts on the wind
The voice so disrupting the clouds fold inward around him
Even the heavans care not of how he's sinned
A being so cruicial he holds the earth from afall.

But around him is such a fear of loss
He is so unreal it seems he'll disapear
Fragile to me, because i see only his heart
But hard and fear worthy to those outside

He runs from me,
'I'll tear myself to peices if i hurt you! ' he screams.
An angel in destress he is, i cried to see it.
The deepest sadness is a love you can only hold in dreams.

Have me see
Have me sign
To all that he feels
And all he has seen

A heart even in this black angel is eternal
His love even twisted as it may be is forever
Campare that to facts of the love struck mundane
No differance, no huge and towering change, in fact

His eyes see drops of rain; every one as they fall
He is blind of himself, his heart, and mine
Again he screams, 'Monster, i am! I kill and i will kill again!
But only for one last triumph of the disgusting blackness within me! '

He tears at himself; gnawing away nerves from the inside out
Gnawing and scratching away until he finally resembles the monster he claims yet never was
I stand in the wind and i can smell his blood; the liquid love he cannot bear to have run any longer
A reach of love is my arm and hand yet his being i could never hold onto

A bird he was; he soars right through you and back into himself as he claws himself to misery
I stood in the wind that day, reaching for my love-the self proclaimed monster
I stretched and failed atop the hill that day; atop the cliff he flew from with wings of black only i saw
Over the edge his god's body launched-arms stretched wide catching wind

His skin glittered like the sea beneath him
His eyes fixed on me and they were but holes and lashes-my love was already gone in that second
Already gone yet he screamed the last words i will ever truly hear in my heart
'A monster i was, Your love i held captive, Your soul i now am, Bright and good, I am this wind on this cliff side, I am the breath at your very neck, For you i have lived and now for you i have died.
One less evil! ' was what he cried.

That is the sound in my soul
The words he spoke before he fell and as he flew to death on rocks and sea
The story of man and monster was our hearts as they faught
The story of his perfect love, blind eyes, and torment

It all ends in the wind
It carries the story to your heart now
Let it corress you so you never forget him
Let it love you as he loved me

Let this be warning of joys and torments
Of love and monsters
Of the fact that we love what we can never have
Do not love-so that you will indeed have.

Poem Submitted: Thursday, September 17, 2009

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